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It would take place about 20 years from now. And would be in another Marvel Universe. I'd call it Earth 619, in this storyline involving, Frank Castle, Mutants, and trans-humanism (which would apply to Deadpool). We have Frank Castle pushing the boundries of what he can do at his age.

He encounters, of all people, Deadpool. He has been contracted to not kill Frank, but recruit him. This is a much older, and different Deadpool than you'd be used to. He is still the lovable merc-with-a-mouth, but wise beyond his years now. Him and Wolverine have been following Frank for some time now. Recently Bullseye took a shoot at Frank Castle, and this was not the Bullseye we know. This one has been given a trans-humanistic genetic therapy. He is faster, stronger, and heals at 1/3 the rate of Wolverine, and 1/6th the rate of Deadpool. Although he is classified as a transhuman like Deadpool.

He took a shot, and against all odds a 72 year old Frank Castle managed to defeat him, after loosing his left pinky, an eye, some teeth, and possibly irrepairable damage to his his right knee. On top of this during the fight he took a slam into a car from 3 stories. His extremely advanced body armor he uses protected most of it. But he slipped several discs and is having trouble walking. Still, he gets word from an old friend (Fury) that there are people looking to end him. Not only that, Fury sends Frank a message that "You hold the key to far more than you ever realized. I know something that you don't know about yourself Frank. How can someone who has taken so much damage still kill better than men 1/3 his age, how is it time and again you have taken out some of the toughest mobsters and villians to date? You know deep down why Frank, it is just buried. And you know you are something more than human. Deadpool is on his way to bring you to me. Please don't make use take you by force."

Upon encoutnering not only Deadpool, but Daken, X-23, and Wolverine, over the course of several chapters. He defeats Deadpool, Daken, Wolverine, but is ultimately led into a trap by none other than Steve Rogers, and X-23. Little did they know a certain friend is also helping Frank figure all of this out. Daredevil, who owes Frank a debt of that I want to elaborate on in a prequel. There is some alluded to what it is, but DD's involvement is only to show that Frank in this universe has reconciled many things in his older age and that Daredevil, having faced darkness himself has a better understanding and respect for Frank.

A battle between Frank's expert strategies v.s Cap's physical and ageless superiority as well as battlefield analysis that rivals Frank's and even Batman's (not to digress into DC). Daredevil does his best to hold off X-23, Wolverine, and Daken, and despite an impressive showing for a now 55 year old superhero (who hasn't slowed down a tick). The fight gets a final interuption from Spider-Man, who has just swinging by.

He, Daredevil, and Wolverine and Cap come to the conclusion that we all need to settle down and talk about this. Frank and Daken disagree, as in this universe, Daken is the only one that came the closest to killing him, slicing open his neck enough that Frank's voice has gotten even gritter and bears a wicked scar. Of course, Daken taunts Frank with this and before he realizes it he is on the ground with a dart that is designed by Reed Richards himself to negate a healing factor, he puts a pullet near Daken's left cheek, Daken in a rage lunges into Frank. Frank does his best to find it off, but Daken's claws dig right through Frank's chest.

Frank later awakes at the Baxter Building. Captain America, Deadpool, X-23 (now looking more like a lady in her early-to-mid 20s). Give Frank a rundown on why they needed to track him down and why he is so crucial to the upcoming events that they have all predicted. Tony Stark appears via hologram to tell Frank that he is, for the first time ever, one of them now, and that they need him. Frank is not liking this idea at all, and is already planning his escape.

X-23 senses this more than anyone. More than anyone in the room, or anyone that has come across Frank's life, has she known what it is like to be a weapon-born. Frank is about to reject everything and get ready to set his escape plan into motion (which I won't elaborate too much), when X-23 asks everyone to leave the room. Frank looks deep into her eyes and sees something he hasn't seen in a long time, understanding.

Then Frank looks in the mirror and sees that not only has the majority of his right hand grown back, but the massive-gaping chest wound is gone. X-23 begins a conversation with Frank that talks about her genetic history, as well as the rest of the "claw-pack" (Sabretooth, Daken, Wolverine, Sasquatch, Wild Child?, anyway, you get the point). And as she continues she leans in close and whispers into Frank's ear that she found something out about him that Reed Richards and Dr. Strange have kept locked away nice and tight for over 30 years. And it that this entire file is considered "crucial to mankind's continued existence" and has never been shared with anyone else. Frank, not believing a word gives a speech about how he is done being the pawn of the system as far back as 'Nam. X-23 rebukes with the fact that as clever as he is, he hasn't much time left, with and without their intervention he would likely have died right there. Frank just gives her a blank stare.

X-23 shares her story, Frank, feeling something he quite hasn't felt before, or it has been so long he has forgotten how, felt some empathy towards her. He started to share his stories, and before he knew it he was telling the tale of Born.

Right then, Reed Richards, Dr. Strange, and Tony Stark walk in. They each give their speeches about how they have always had respect for one another (which Frank cynically replies that his boots are in the corner of the room if they want to keep boot-lickin'), despite the disagreements. They go over a statistical analysis of how many kills Frank has wracked up. Then they go back to what happened with Bullseye.

"He has become something more than human Frank. Not a mutant like X-23, Daken, or Wolverine, but something else. But very similiar. It's called trans-humanism, and you are now one of the few others on the planet."

He shows Frank a mirror and he sees virtually no wrinkles. His muscles, torn, ripped, in constant agony, yet still fast and with decades of reflexive experience were once young again. No pain, his hair has gone black, with the smallest of a white streak going along the bottem. His face was no longer a scarred wreck. As he was admiring his new looks, yet confused with a barrage of emotions, X-23 cut Frank across the arm, deep. Reed didn't scream out for her to stop nor anyone else. Right before Frank's eyes his wounds slowly healed back.

"You aren't exactly like the rest of the healing-mutans such as X-23, or Wolverine. But your strength, reflexes, etc. Have reached the same level if not moreso than that of Steve Rogers himself. Who recently had his own treatment. What we are having now is a chaotic reaction between both normal humans and mutants. Although Mutants have failed in trials to give them the same treatment, it seems like what we have found is essentially not only a fountain of youth, but a way for us all to jump ahead in our evolutionary step."

Frank, while secretly enjoying the fact that he is now in a position to continue his work, possibly forever. He is now experencing aspects of his personality that he once thought dead.

This is just a basic starting point to where I'm headed.

Some things that will be happening is that X-23 and Frank Castle start a romantic relationship. Which will have Wolverine twisted in knots. Frank Castle continues his rivalry with Daken, while befriending Deadpool after a long while. My plan is to make this into a 3-4 part book then graphic novel series. That will be "I hope" something that all fans of the Punisher love.

To all those that thing Frank should never have powers, please listen to me. Frank is a shooter, he does what it takes to win. This MU takes place in a world where humans are at the cusp of becoming more than that, to joining our mutant brothers. This is not only a tale of Frank Castle. But how the changes he himself makes, and the unexpected pregnancy he has with X-23 changes both of this people who were once considered killing machines and nothing more. The first Mutant/Trans-Human being will be highly sought after, and Frank and X-23, as well as the X-men, Avengers, Fantastic four, and even Dr. Doom will be seeking to help Frank against threats from all sides, enemies that never gave a thought to Frank before.

The goal is, is to make Frank the pivotal character in this universe. His son, who will have the combined abilities of X-23 and Frank Castle, will be taking a far different course than before. And what happens when Frank and Wolverine now are brother-in-laws? Uncle wolverine coming to visit the family. Deadpool being the best man at Frank's wedding, and behind it all, plenty of people to punish.

And finally, a big fan-fic reveal of why Frank is so sought after to become one of greatest trans-humans and one of the first and most deadly, a man who can rival Cap, Spidey, and DD now in hand-to-hand, and before that, what else does he have that is helping him even become more dangerous than all of them? A human Frank has defeated Wolverine, Spidey, the Hulk and Daredevil all at once. But how, and why? The Dark voice in Born has now been discovered by Reed, and it holds far more consequences than many realize.

Finally, what the hell does Ghost Rider, Damian Hellstorm, Mephisto, and Loki, and soon Daken (with some new toys) all want to do with this hidden power Frank has always had? We'll see. And I hope to have a lot of fun with this fanfic.

It's going to be (what I hope) the most star-crossed Punisher story ever. It will have Frank encountering and dealing with people that many fans think he shouldn't ever deal with. But in this world, trust me, I'm going to make it so it wouldn't make sense without them. I'm taking huge liberties so it is a fanfic and that's all I call it. But I want to really make Frank Castle become one of the big hitters.

Even though I liked Frankencastle, I'm not looking to find a cheesy way to power him up. I want the story to fluidly lead to this moment, that it was inevitble that Frank would carry his mission out forever. Like the Voice promised. The Punisher should be dead many times over, yet he continues, and even at 72 in this book, he is still faster, stronger, and better than anyone. This tale will feater everything from the God of Thunder, to your common mercenary, to ninjas, Elektra. And finally lead to a super-powered serial killer that is going to threaten everyone's way of life.

We will be seeing Frank play with the big boys with a street attitude and a cynical veteran wisdom that will give old heroes new ideas. I am in the process of fleshing this story out and I will in the next few months get a proper synopsis down that will be well edited, and far better written than this drivel.

While my writing style may seem someone pathetic to some of you, trust me, when I really get going, it is one of the few things I have confidence in. And I promise to give it my best. This was entirely written on the fly, so some of the ideas might be jumbled. But let me know what you think, ask me questions to let me clarify, point out any parts I Didn't make any sense \:P or just say "Hey man, that sounds cool, you rock!"

Have a great day, fellas.

PS: I also got a little fun fanfic I want to do where Frank encounters Freddy, Jason, Ash, and Michael Meyers. I want to do a sequence where Freddy enters Frank's nightmares, and see it compeltely twist around on Kreuger and make him look like a diaper-wearing sissy-man compared to Frank's darkness haha \:D

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You know where I stand on the issue of the Punisher having powers but I'd like to try a different tact in how I explain that:

Some people dislike the fact that Frank doesnt have powers because they believe it excludes him from really being able to tackle the kinds of problems they believe a man of his sort would face in the Marvel Universe - for example a crazy Sentry or a rampaging Hulk. Those people would therefore probably consider it 'cool' to have a Frank Castle that could go toe to toe with such enemies.

My opinion is that this wouldnt be 'cool' or interesting at all because all it would do is simply make Frank Castle more like everyone else and less like himself and therefore less unique.

Additionally its not always that interesting to see two titans going toe to toe with each other - weve seen enough of Thor v's Herc or Juggarnaut v's Colossus or Hulk v's Abomination or whatever for it to become somewhat cliche. What IS cool is when someone who by all rights should be completely outclassed overcomes incredible odds - such as when Jim Steranko drew Cap defeating the Hulk years ago.

'David v's Goliath' stuff is far more interesting than 'Goliath v's Goliath' and Frank is the very embodiment of David in so far that he is a pretty much ordinary man who defeats so called undefeatable foes not through brute force but through guile, application, tactics, stealth, endeavor or whatever. The key to helping Frank defeat Golaith therefore isnt to give him the strength or toughness of Goliath but to give him a slingshot and a writer creative enough to provide him with the brains and ability to be able to utilise that slingshot to achieve the seemingly impossible.

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I understand and fully respect your opinion. But you seemed to focus more on Frank receiving powers and less on the fact that the rest of the human race is on a fast track as well.

Logically, Frank would need to jump on the bandwagon himself so he can continue his war. He is a soldier first and foremost, and becoming a transhuman with the vast population of the United States and several other countries is just another weapon at his disposal.

After all, in this fanfic I can't have a 72 year old Frank fighting (the initial) abuse of this next stop in evolution against common thugs that are now essentially at the same level Batman or Captain America is, and beyond.

Of course as I flesh the story out it will deal with Frank's unwillingness to be used as a pawn or to change himself in any way. The other part of this story focuses on what has been keeping a 70 year old man on top of a game that most men in their mid-30s can't manage. This, mixed in with Frank's nature, and what is happening to the rest of the world (and the inevitable decline of crime totally) threatens not only the Punisher's mission in ways he never understood. But possibly renders him obsolete right after he becomes one of the most pivotal characters in the world.

Frank Castle, secretly or no, knew his war would never end. He is, for lack of a better word, a junkie. What happens when the supply of criminals starts declining so much that not only he, but all peacekeeprs now have to look at their lives?

This story (and what I posted originally and what I'm posting now, could barely be considered even an outline or premise), I'm hoping would span many, many years. And show the initial wars where Frank is needed the most, followed by his survival in a pseudo-post-apocalyptic world. And eventually to him rebuilding society. And then the final chapter, what happens when all of this peace becomes more unsettling to him than anything he ever felt before, and ends with a confrontation with him having to delve into his own self and essentially have Frank Castle V.S The Punisher in his own mind.

I know this may sound rushed and confusing right now. As I feel the story is hitting me from so many angles in my head that I'm going to have to work on it for WEEKS before I come up with even a plot outline and an idea on where I want to head with it.

But I make a promise, as one of the biggest Punisher fans there is. He will NOT be some super-powered superhero of any kind. He will be living in a world where humans and mutants are nearly one and the same, and in this world, what makes him so special? Well, that is what I want to elaborate on.

It's not a tale of giving Frank powers. It's a tale of Frank having to live in a world where everyone has powers, where no one is special because of them, where the old-school heroes from the past start to become obsolete, and how Frank Castle is the only one that can bring us all back from the brink of madness. In this story, Frank is one of the only people who isn't completely insane. And that is (for me) a writer's wet dream as a Punisher fan.

I hope I clarified a little bit, and that you maybe feel a little bit better about where I'm heading with this. IF you'd like to lend any writing talents (I dunno if you have any or not, but you're bright apple, if I may say so) or advice/ideas, and critique once I have a good portion of it done. I'd HAPPILY let you look at my work. And I have a thick skin so don't worry about hurting my feelings.

thank you so much for your reply. USAgentfan, I appreciate your friendship and your candor.

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    I understand and fully respect your opinion. But you seemed to focus more on Frank receiving powers and less on the fact that the rest of the human race is on a fast track as well.

    Logically, Frank would need to jump on the bandwagon himself so he can continue his war. He is a soldier first and foremost, and becoming a transhuman with the vast population of the United States and several other countries is just another weapon at his disposal.

But isnt this really the very basis of the current debate? That working in a city and a world overflowing with super people, Frank Castle is already out of his depth?

The point I would make is that regardless as to whether Frank lived in a place with dozens of super powered people or thousands of super powered people, I'm just not sure that it would be in his character to try and supe himself up just so he could continue to compete on a level playing field.

The mans tenacity, not to mention his stubborness are incredible and despite the fact that in principle at least his foes have been outclassing him for years Frank has never fealt the desire to get a boost to bring him up to speed with them other than perhaps a bigger and better gun and a better plan.

When faced with the 'insumountable' - be that being faced with Spider-man, Wolverine and Daredevil all at the same time as he once was or in your case being faced with a world where even the bog standard crooks have super powers, Franks attitude has always been to find a weakness and really if he had a 'super power' it would be that he almost always does.

    After all, in this fanfic I can't have a 72 year old Frank fighting (the initial) abuse of this next stop in evolution against common thugs that are now essentially at the same level Batman or Captain America is, and beyond.

True enough a 72 year old Frank is perhaps a little too old, although I would love to see a Frank like Clint Eastwoods character Kowalski from 'Gran Torino' who despite not being physically able to compete against his enemies still managed to find a way to take them down even though it meant his own sacrifice in the end. Thats Franks kind of thinking.

    Frank Castle, secretly or no, knew his war would never end. He is, for lack of a better word, a junkie. What happens when the supply of criminals starts declining so much that not only he, but all peacekeeprs now have to look at their lives?

Well the Frank Castle I know if he genuinely found himself in a world with no criminals to hunt would probably just die in his sleep or put a gun in his mouth. That said even in a so called 'utopia' I doubt there could ever really be a complete lack of evil - there will always be someone who needs punishing.

Another thing that only occurred to me after I posted yesterday was the issue of Frank Castle and relationships.

You mention a relationship with X-23 but my thoughts regarded the fact that I'm not sure that Frank Castle could continue being the Punisher if he were actually committed and happy to any degree in a relationship with anyone.

One of the reason that Frank is so successful as the Punisher is firstly because it was the loss of everything he loves that drove him to it and secondly because it is the absence of anything worth loving that allows him to hate so much.

If Frank suddenly found something that could genuinely replace what he had lost even to a degree - a meaningful and loving relationship - then I dont think the Punisher could exist at all because he would no longer have the motivation or be able to give the role his full focus. He wouldnt have a reason to be.

I genuinely believe that this is why apart from a few brief sexual encounters Frank Castle has never had a meaningful or long lasting relationship with anyone since his wife was killed, because he cant.

Take yourself back to page 1 of the Punishers War Journel: "Frank Castle is dead, call me the Punisher..." The two just cant occupy the same space.

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I agree with you on all points, actually.

The reason I want to do this story, and bear with me here (I cut my finger so I have to limit my typing). It's a challenge to stick Frank Castle in a situation like that.

Basically the beginning of the plot shows a defiant Clint Eastwood-styled Frank Castle (but bigger, like Clint meets Arnold), who is grizzled as hell and has almost a full white beard and long wild hair (he has clearly been on the run and the move for awhile). He encounters the first group of enhanced humans. Now these guys aren't exactly mutants. They are almost a step in-between. In fact I should correct myself by saying they are slightly below Captain America's level. Now the people who have the ability to give this to all humans everywhere don't want that. They want a super-army, and part of that is enhancing humans and getting rid of superheroes and making mutants a footnote. In this timeline mutants have slowly been increasing their population, not by much, but baby steps.

Frank Castle tracks these men down and who does he find but X-23 there. They mention a brief encounter in the past and size each other up. Here I end the idea of a pointless fight and have them almost parody a conversation about that. Then Frank remarks that she is far more reasonable than Wolverine (The irony of course being X-23 is a programmed killer much like Frank, hence the relatability).

As the story progresses eventually Frank gets severely injured. X-23, who has now developed feelings for him, and not quite knowing what to do, injects him with a dose of this transhuman formula. It's diluted, but it works. Frank's wounds heal, some of his grey hair turns more black, a few newer scars heal. Frank at first is very hesitant to what had just happened. As I flesh the story out and let it progress I want Frank to be offered a concentrated dose of it. One that would make him vastly more powerful than almost any known mutant. This is a chance for Frank to seize the ultimate weapon and he can finally wage his war on his terms against the big hitters. But we both know Frank isn't anyone's puppet. But at this point, can Frank afford to turn it down? And what will X-23 do during all of this? What other characters will I use?

I have no idea, but the story is starting to take form in my mind and slowly becoming more cohesive. Thank you for the advice, let me know of what you think of it now. I'm fully willing accept other ideas as well, this story is very fluid for me right now. As well as any critique, again pardon my spelling and grammer, I'm writing this with almost one hand right now.

PS: I'm also thinking of writing a short story where Frank has a brief crossover with Machete. I think he should go after the Mexican Cartel in a story soon anyway, they've killed 28,000 of their own people and they are in need of serious Punishment. So far Frank's gotten the Russians, Chinese, Japanese, Irish, and Italians, but not many Mexican Mafia, he even did white supremecists and has done normal 'bangers. So I think it's their turn, and Machete is just the man to point Frank in the right direction \:D

EDIT: Keep in mind that Frank in his first "transformation into transhumanism" would be below that of the majority of soldiers and others getting it, its a diluted version. Almost like Nick Fury's formula that keeps him from aging. What this does is, yes, it is a plot device to keep Frank ticking and going with the body of an olympic level athlete at 72-300+ (allowing for future tales far into the future, same Frank, different timeline, waging the same war). What I like about this idea is we've had humans vs mutants before. What this does is give humans the ability to say "we'll force our own evolution, become better than you, we shall no longer envy or fear you." This is of course an ignorant opinion, but one that would likely be held in many corners of the planet. And many organizations would back it. Who wouldn't want the ability to become as powerful or nearly as powerful as Captain America?
All you need is 20,000,000 or so and you're good to go.

Frank would be able to throw toes with these guys, but it would be his experience, his core of who he is that keeps him going. No super healing factor, none of that. This is simply an alternate Earth where humans and mutants have to take the next step together. And Frank is there to clean up the mess. I want to keep his character at his core, not dependent on pills, or angel-coats, or any of that. Just him progressing with the times just enough to keep up his war. He is still an old-school hardcore mutha futha in a brave new world. Aldus Huxley style, foo \:P

So I hope I got some of my vision across. This isn't yet another attempt tp add powers to frank. It's an attempt to tell my story and political views of transhumanism and mutants, genocide, and all the other strange and nasties that the future might hold for us behind the eyes of my favorite character. And I want to make sure it's a right most people can enjoy. \:\)

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Here is a brief summary of the prologue done in a Punisher War Journal format:

Punisher War Journal entry 1792 *approximated from him having an entry every few days for the past 50 years since 1974*

Ten years, ten years planning, waiting for this moment. Waiting to avenge a man who was long my rival, a man who was far better than I am.

Ten years ago Wilson Fisk, Bullseye and his sadistic girlfriend Lady Bullseye killed one of the bravest men I've ever known. Even though I hated the bastard, he did a lot more good than I realized. Matt Murdock never gave up an inch, despite being in his 50s he was as quick as ever. What he didn't count on was was exactly what he should have expected. It's not his fault though, it's mine. Three weeks before falling into the trap that would be his demise I had cornered and killed off most of the Bullseye assassin organization. Which was starting to rival that of varying leagues of Assassins and even whispers of them causing fear deep in the ranks of the Hand. I went at them hard.

Bullseye and I had a long history. A few years before all of this when Wilson Fisk rose to power he took a shot at me, I was his only failure to date. Later he took a shot at Daredevil and ended up killing another world class assassin, a greek named Nachios, Elektra. Heard tell she came back, but I don't put much weight in that, despite me having faked my own death once before. An irony that will be lost on me shortly here.
Turns out it was all a setup, I cornered what I thought to be Lady Bullseye and Bullseye himself. Close quarters I was next-to-fucked, but I had planned ahead, chasing them into a dead-end street that I had happened to place a local nerve-toxin explosive device nearby. I took a knife to the shoulder before I managed to press my thumb. They really had me fooled. These imposters were good, too good.

Flash forward three years and I get a phone call saying that Matt Murdock has 46 minutes and counting to live. Spider-Man got a card just like mine. Why they had chosen us is something that made a whole 'lotta sense later on. Just not right then. By the time the bug-boy and I crossed paths he had received another call, this time it was someone close to him, screaming in pain, dying. He did what anyone would have done, he raced home, too late, but he did it anyway. I continued forth, I suppose I was the underdog, pushing 66 years old. I had no back-up, no plan so to speak, which is the exact situation that rarely happens to me.

I made my way to the warehouse, the hairs on my neck were already stiff. In the darkness I could make out a limp figure tied to a chair, I could smell the blood from here. I decided that this was enough of me playing possum and I finally released my arsenal. Two of the world's top marksmen were in the immediate area and my only ally was blind, what was an old shooter to do other than release a super-concentrated flashbang while wearing compensated contacts and earplugs?
As the warehouse lit up what I saw was unexpected, just Matt Murdock, dead. Throat slit, and disemboweled. No Bullseyes, no Kingpin.

Later I heard they had done the same to Foggy Nelson, Mary Jane Parker, May Parker, and a low-level thief/vigilante named Felisha/Black Cat.

Before I knew it every safe-house I had in the city was blown. Men were chasing me that were far faster than any hand ninja or or special ops unit I've come across. Cat and mouse ensued and I spent the next two months in the sewers and tunnels of Manhatten. Luck, experience, and knowledge saved me then. Eventually I decided to go on the offensive, with only a few munitions, a right-leg quickly going south, and a world of hurt to share with this new organization that has succeeded in wiping out an entire generation of street-warriors.

Luckily for me help would come in the form of an eccentric billionaire and a wise, but slightly crazy master of all martial arts and Kung Fu...

I'm working on scripting this as the first chapter, adding lots of action scenes, etc. This will lead on into the downfall of many of the great street-level superheroes and the inevitable rise and need for Frank Castle's brand of justice. I don't plan on killing all of the Marvel Knights gang off. But I don't want to reveal who will survive, as I'm not entirely sure yet! I've decided that on top of some new femme fatalle meat in X-23 (as well as a Wolverine cameo) that we need some old school in an aging-yet-still-hot Black Widow. So I'm working on fleshing out chapter on, and two. This is just giving you an idea of what I've been thinking of on and off all night.

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