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Puff M.D.

1. The Agents of Atlas are from the 50s/early 60s, yes? did they get in this time.

2. Same question for the did they get here?

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The answer for both these are pretty similar. Most of the members on the team are just long lived

Gorilla Man- doesnt get old cuz of the gorilla curse
Venus- god-like being
Namora- Atlantean, who are long lived
M-11 - is a robot
Jimmy Woo- he did get old but in issue one was deaged by GorillaMan andthe Uranian
Uranian - long lived alien
3D man - is the 2nd guy to wear the costume and friend to the original

Captain America - got caught in ice and with the super soldier serum kept him young
Bucky/ Winter Guard/ Captain America 2 - same thing as Steve Rogers
Namor - Atlantean
Jim Hammond - is a robot
Blazing Skull - has a healing factor that doesnt age him
Toro - did die but was brought back much older
Union Jack - is the 3rd person to wear the costume
Spitfire - got old but with vampire blood and Jim Hammond's blood in a transfusion she got young again
Aarkus - is from another dimension
Silver Scorpion- is old and has alzheimers

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Puff M.D.

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