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Subj: Cosmic Comics? how would you do it?
Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2010 at 09:24:14 pm EST (Viewed 241 times)

I loved marvels recent cosmic stories. Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Annhiliation, Conquest, etc. rocked. But I couldn't help but thinking What books would I do if I did the cosmics? Here is my ideas.

GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXIES: Note the plural: After the Thanos Initiative made the guardians fall apart the galactic council appointed a group of heros to defend the major galaxies and also serve to maintain between them. Serving as both go betweens and protectors of the kree, skrull, shi'ar, and baddoon.

Beta Ray Bill
Silver Surfer
Nova (when he returns, see below)

GUARDIANS LEGACY: Inspired by my love of the original future GotG and Quills group, as well as the reveal in a thunderbolts issue that a Guardians of the Galaxy existed in the distant past as well. This limited series focuses on a single event that unfolds over time, starting in the past, ending in the future, with every team of guardians involved.

COSMIC AVENGERS: assembled to defend earth and it's solar system from threats from beyond.

Justice (with rumors of martians and badoon on the way he has to go into space somehow)
Living Lightning

MISFITS: This is my favorite team idea on the list. Once Peter Quill returns from the Cancerverse he finds the Guardians scattered and gone their own ways. He finds rocket and groot and manages to assemble the universes least likely heros.

Rocket Raccoon
Impossible Man
Warlock (the technarch)
U.S. Archer

NOVA AND THE NOVA CORPS: Between the last of his Nova force and Quills cosmic cube, Nova and starlord made their way back to our universe. nova is once again Nova prime and leader of the corps. This book will deal with Richard Ryder, but also will focus a bit on other corps members with back up stories and occasional spotlight issues.

QUASAR: The title protector of the universe becomes all the more literal when Eternity himself gives Wendell a power up and appoints him his personal guardian. Confronting threats that make eternity himself afraid is a big issue. But as the defender of the universe that is his role.

STAR THIEF: Earth eploited space, he rebelled and sought refuge among the isolationist inhumans who would never take advantage of another civilization... or so he thought. Now with the inhumans conquoring the kree and warring with the shi'ar Ditmal left in disgust. He sees to it to oppose any galactic empire who dares exploit or invade others.

CAPTAIN UNIVERSE - LOCKED: The baddoon have been waiting for a long long time for this. Despite being the major power of the milky way they waited on the sidelines as other empires challenged earth and lost. they knew earth was strong, and its nexus contested. But for the second time ever a baddoon hosts the unipower. And through their science they locked the power in place, trapping it in its host. but is their host a loyal soldier or a rebel with his own plans?

What no silver surfer series? Sorry, whether Norrin is starring as a deus ex machina, a depressed man mourning over lost love, or a obedient slave of Galactus he has never interested me as a solo character.