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Subj: Fear Itself Speculation
Posted: Wed Dec 22, 2010 at 07:56:11 pm EST (Viewed 31 times)

Wow – judging from the Solicitations it seems it going to be Cap-mania! Cap appears in nearly everything this month!

It seems that the Steve Rogers will reclaim the Captain America ID once again after Bucky trail is over. It looks like he eventually become the Winter Soldier once again and seeks redemption for this past. Most likely when the original RS comes back. It also fits in with Steve becoming Cap in the same years as the Movie – what luck huh? Didn’t see that coming…!

Looks like I finally get my wish of the Red Skull being brought to a MU level of Super-Villain! No doubt that around the same time Steve returns as Cap, the original RS will soon make his return. I would usually complain that it would be a step backwards and for Sin to step up and be the new Red Skull, but it’s just the way the RS was written off in ‘Reborn’ was so weak! And if he makes his return being a MU threat, it would be a grand way to go about it. I always said the Red Skull was worthy of being the centre of a MU event.

I quite like the groundwork of the Red Skull being made, with the Cap Books showing Sin the new RS, the recruitment of the Master Man/Men, the interaction of Baron Zemo; no doubt we will see Zola, Strucker and Crossbones join. I liked the idea of all the former Nazis and Neo-Nazis form some sort of connection. We saw it with in the Cap#300 storyline back in the day with Gruenwald, when we saw a Nazi colony on Skull Island.

We see in Fear Itself: Prologue, Sin has her fathers’ secrets and plans from WWII and intents on using them today, Secret Avengers #11 John Steele and the Shadow Council are told in a special two-part World War Two espionage tale, perhaps some connection to the SK plans? New Avengers #10 The New Avengers have uncovered one of the well-kept secrets in the history of the Marvel Universe, which has some connection of the Infinity Formula, Captain America #616 Steve Rogers and Bucky both struggling with the ramifications of the Trial of Captain America plus Baron Blood’s returns in a untold tale of the Invaders, and Rogers and the Secret Avengers investigate a modern day Hitler!

With the economic, political and social pressure that is happening in real life, plus ‘Fear Agents’ such as Nightmare, D'Spayre, Phobos etc. stroking the flames of distrust, the story could be that in the MU people of America will start to look for a ‘strong leader’ to make things all better and really accepting the a police-state is the best thing to feel safe. Such events are ripe for someone like the Red Skull to take over! Maybe not out in the open as it would be too obvious and snap people out of their fear, but from behind the scenes as always. It would explain the Fear Teaser of Cap losing faith.