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Subj: Other Than The Purple Man, Are There Any Rapists In The Marvel Universe? Characters Who Have Gotten Raped.
Posted: Wed Jul 17, 2013 at 04:09:27 am EDT (Viewed 333 times)

I was thinking about this when I came across something saying that the Puppet Master was a possible rapist (I think that this was on the TVTropes website or something. The Puppet Master? Are they serious?). And it got me to thinking. So, let's see. Ms. Marvel, she got raped, didn't she? By Immortus (I really don't like that guy.) ,or Kang's son, or whoever. I haven't read the story, but I read that it was kind of implied that she did. So, we have one possible rapist, and one possible rape victim. I know that Kevin Smith wrote a story that said that the Black Cat got raped. Did we ever find out by who (Or is it whom?)? Did that storyline get retconned out.

And the Purple Man. Yeah, we know that he was a rapist. He did kind of make the Swordsman his sex slave, didn't he? I'm sure that was against his own will, although Swordsman was kind of a weird sex freak, wasn't he? I think that he was kind of into stuff like that.

The Red Skull- Well, let me see, he did rape the woman who gave him his daughter, didn't he? I wouldn't put it past him to do something like this. He's certainly not above rape.

Crossbones- He's pretty brutal, and it was said that he raped Diamondback, but it wasn't said in the comic. He beat her up, and later tortured her (Didn't he also kidnap and brainwash her?), but it was never stated (To my knowledge anyway.) that he actually raped her in Cap #400. And some writers have portrayed him as not being 100 % villainous, and with some redeeming qualities, so

Sabretooth- Him, I can see as a rapist. Didn't he rape Silver Fox (Who was Wolverine's ex-girlfriend. Or was she not real or something? She has a weird, convoluted backstory.)? I'm pretty sure that it was implied, at the very least.

Norman Osborn- I can see him raping someone. It's never been shown, but I have a gut feeling. I can just see him doing it. Sins Past showed that he had sex with Gwen Stacy, and I think that he had, at the very least, took advantage of her.

So, we got the Purple Man- for sure. The Red Skull, for sure. Probably Sabretooth. Possibly Ms. Marvel, and the Black Cat (Unless that got retconned out. Which I kind of hope that it did.). Can anyone think of any other rapists or rape victims?

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