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Subj: Guardians of the Galaxy #1 - What did you think of it?
Posted: Thu Oct 15, 2015 at 06:06:28 am EDT (Viewed 234 times)






I enjoyed some of Bendis's style in this. Even the first page. "The saviors of the spaceways, the conservators of the cosmos... the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY"

"But things have changed."

For some reason I liked that. Especially the last sentence, which seems to vibrate with portent, given the possibilities of a post-Secret Wars universe.

Meanwhile, the conversation between Annihilus and the Queen of the Brood was interesting. But did you consider the Negative Zone to be part of our galaxy? I didn't. But maybe I should have.

Next we have the Thing in outer space and lovin' it. Perfectly in character and even insightfully so. Kudos to Bendis, who hasn't struck me as insightful in the past. But what the heck is that object in the Thing's right hand? In his left is Rocket Raccoon's rocket pack, but in his right?

So Drax and Groot can survive outer space without suits? OK. I didn't know that, but I'll accept it. I probably should have known it. Would this hold true in the cinemaverse also?

Kitty is the new Star-Lord and thus the team leader? I'm lovin' it.

Oh, and I adored "the thing" she did. I completely missed (until my second read) how Ben thought they might be talking about him. But Kitty destroying a spaceship gets my vote.

Venom seems out of place here. But OK, I guess he needed to be somewhere. The symbiote is extra-terrestrial so I guess there's some inherent logic to this. What I'll be looking for in future issues is a glimpse into why he's in outer space. Hey, I'm a newbie.

Peter Quill is King of Spartax! OK. So was his dad J'Son? Apparently yes, reading between the lines. I wonder if this will make it into the next film.

I liked the conversation about the artifact. My quibble is Ben's syntax here: "And in a galaxy where that question is unanswered still, what are the Chitauri hiding?" (The gist of what he said is fine. I just think he would have said it less eruditely.) But his notion of the Infinity Suit of Armor was fun and pure Ben.

Kitty and Rocket Raccoon's nine panels of body language was priceless! So maybe it was worth $3.99? I'll never admit it!

Peter's little romantic interlude (one-sided to say the least) was cute and disturbing simultaneously. Kitty's look of jealousy was funny, since she had to know how one-sided the situation was - especially with Rocket Raccoon laughing uproariously. But then on the next page she almost looks genuinely jealous. Hmm. Maybe she's thinking beyond this particular situation. After all, some potential suitors to the king of Spartax might be humanoid.

Enter: Gamora! Good. Wouldn't be the same without her. But she came with some bad news. So is Hala the new Galactus?

I'll buy the next issue.