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Subj: would you like that marvel will make a CLASSIC IMPRINT with the classic heroes?
Posted: Fri Oct 23, 2015 at 06:48:25 am CDT (Viewed 11 times)

right now, i'm looking at the new marvel and has no clue who are this altenate heroes we see.
thor is a woman, cap is a former bird, hulk is a kid, spiderman is a millioner, the thing is a gardian of the galaxy exc...
it all seems like a tie in to a big event but it's IN the universe.
i think marvel should make a CLASSIC MARVEL imprint with the orginal heroes: steve rogers as cap, thor as THOR, banner as hulk, Fantastic four. x-men with a heroic Cyclops and a relatevly young wolverine and others.
this way we will have the old and the new to choose from, and marvel will get even more money. everybody wins.
what do you say?