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Subj: Doctor Strange #2 was another winner
Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2015 at 06:06:23 am EST (Viewed 128 times)




This is not your dad's Doctor Strange. But he may be your son's, daughter's, nephew's or niece's. And maybe yours, too, if you don't mind some Constantine: Hellblazer and some Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol in your Doctor Strange.

This book is weird. Hellblazer weird. Doom Patrol weird. I like it. You may too.

Doc's Sanctum Sanctorium is center stage in this issue. It's presented as a very dangerous place. Cataclysmically dangerous. I never thought of it that way before, but I enjoying thinking of it that way now. Doc is being presented as more of a wizard and less of a standard superhero. If Dumbledore were dropped into the Marvel Universe, and his magic still worked, he'd resemble this interpretation of Doctor Strange. Other favorite fantasy or video game wizards would too. I think that's the key to understanding this book. This is a book about a wizard, a fantasy wizard, who just happens to reside in the Marvel Universe.

This issue's menace came out of Zelma Stanton's head. No, she didn't dream them up. They infected her head like germs. Or infested it like bugs. But they're not in her head any more (or most of them aren't). They've emerged and are ransacking the Sanctum Sanctorium, and that is a very bad thing for them to be doing. So Doc (with Zelma Stanton in tow) goes off to find them and get rid of them. But unfortunately his magic isn't working properly, and he and Zelma get separated, which could be life-threatening for Zelma. Eventually Wong shows up, and he and Zelma find Doc, and through Zelma's bravery and Doc's knowledge the threat is resolved. But along the way - much mad mayhem.

A trend I'm noticing right now is that Marvel is working hard to make their books fun. This book is an excellent example.