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Subj: Strange Academy #4: Catbeast got your tongue - or attention?
Posted: Tue Nov 03, 2020 at 11:22:34 am EST (Viewed 181 times)

Argh. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and it is a pain trying figure out from my previous browser. So frustrating. You can't even Right Click a picture to see the properties to get the .JPG address at comixology. Argh. Anyways, since no new reviews for 2 weeks, how 'bout...

Strange Academy 004

Doyle Dormammu
Emily Bright
Zoe Laveau
Calvin Morse
Shaylee Moonpeddle

Zoe's condition was mildly curious, while Toth and Gus were merely visually distinctive, but other than, arguably, Doyle Dormammu not one of the cast seemed engaging or interesting (pretty much after four issues). No sign of the Mindful One with the bowtie - unless all the Mindless Ones have minds here. Who knows (cares?)? This was all a sweet, syrupy, silly rompfest of door tag and showcasing inferred teleportation precidence (accurately conveyed by the fun cover). There was a generic magical evil book beast and an easypeasy underwater breathing spell that could be referred to No-Prizing some back issue underwater adventures. The uncalled for and unlikely animosity between Bats and his master Strange should be addressed but likely won't be just like the mage's serial chronology with his Savage Avengers status. For that matter, even Sif's cameo seemed to disregard her current Bifrost Guardian position. The introduced villains, THE HOLLOW, appear to foreshadow nothing more than a rehashed do-over of the Empyre threat - at this point.

Does this book/school stand out in any way for YOU at this point? The main reason to consider getting the next ish was the overdue Return of Ogeode the Catbeast! His motives were too cryptic here but he was so fun in the Weirdworld mini series during the last Secret Wars Event.

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