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Gauging How Many Series Featuring Occultists, Wizards, Sorcerers as the Main Lead Have Ensued

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Other than obviously Stephen Strange, few occultist/sorcerer heroes have had long-running series. Even Stephen Strange seems to have never lasted into triple digits in any of his solo series.

Hellstorm/Hellstrom has managed even fewer issues in any given volume.

This situation seems slightly the opposite case at other publishers. John Constantine lasted three hundred issues in the longest respective volume, while even Arion lasted approximately three years. Tim Hunter and Doctor Fate lasted the middle amongst those lengths.

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Outside of the obvious exceptions like Dracula, Werewolf, Strange, and Ghost Rider, Marvel historically hasn't done supernatural well. It almost seems that there's some unwritten rule for science to be the dominant force at Marvel.

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Ghost Rider and the various monsters. The other wizard type would be Voodoo that comes to mind right away.

Most have been more supporting more than anything else really. I am thinking of characters but they have not been ongoing characters just villains or sort of side characters in Dr. Strange or other books .

The magic or supernatural based characters have not really been treated great at Marvel outside of a few. Partly because they seem to have very convoluted origins.

Ghost Rider alone has multiple that took so many turns that it is hard to keep straight, let alone that there have been many versions of the character.

What is a rule on magic in Marvel is even more variable than other things and some writers go out of their ways to make it make even less sense or work totally differently than it did previously.

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