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Subj: DD #26: KiB...
Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2021 at 04:11:49 pm EST (Viewed 198 times)

DD 026

An engaging DD storyline [as evidenced by strong sales:] and his 2 years prison sentence is unfotrunately interrupted by a uninspired attack by symbio-pawns of Knull and the KiB Event. As is oft the case, it's a shame this title is disrupted and diminished by a mandatory company crossover. We don't even get a proper Recap Paragraph with the Title Page to explain this goopy mess to dedicated exclusive readers. It's not even clear if the alien Klyntar aren't typically afraid of fire, that is Typhoid's power, or she just never got a good shot off. Have the lack/change of Kryptonite Weaknesses of symbio-pawns been formally addressed in-story in another crossover yet?

Inmate Marcus and Warden Hollis were dull here. The Crime-Wave v1#59 footnote was welcome. Kingpin and Wesley gave us nothing but recycled chronologically-challenged status quo. Was this before Fisk's Thunderbolts #1 team? Alice and her mom were underwhelming as new fodder characters. And neutered Elektra(as DD) was predictable.

The art was okay. DD possessed seemed the inevitable superhero fail for a cliffhanger. Was DD ever a symbiote host before? And the next issue promise is a Marvel hero clash between Venom Vs Daredevil! ...*koff* Well, really Venom(Typhoid possessed) Vs Daredevil(Elektra filling-in).

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