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Subj: Woodgod returns in July!
Posted: Thu Apr 01, 2021 at 09:26:23 am EDT (Viewed 178 times)

Woodgod, the cult favorite superhero created in the 70s by Bill Mantlo & Keith Giffen, returns in a five-issue mini-series starting in July. It will be written by newcomer Andrew Kieswetter and pencilled by Humberto Ramos.

The first issue starts with the retold origin of Woodgod, the satyr-like genetic creation of David & Ellen Pace. It then goes through his history including his meetings with Marvel super-heroes like the Hulk and Spider-Man. It then shifts to Dollar Bill : former student film-maker and Defenders associate, who is now a world-renowned cryptozoologist, telling a group of people that we will find & capture Woodgod and his fellow Changelings, a group of man/animal hybrids who live in a section of Rocky Mountains. Accompanied by his long-tithe future &me friend Keith Ledger aka 'Ledge', Bill encounters Woodgod who is returning to the Rockies to reunite with the Changelings. To his horror,they find out that half the Changelings have been wiped out. Investigating the killings, Woodgod, Dollar Bill, Ledge, and the surviving Changelings encounter the Final Sons of Man : a duo of strangely garbed beings who claim to be from an alternate future. They are on the track of Baal, an evil supercomputer that supposedly wiped out all human life in the future and has relocated to this time period. They also claim that Baal killed most of the Changelings. Sensing the FSoM as well as the surviving Changelings, Baal unleashes the giant bigfoot Yetrigar on them. Woodgod, the Changelings and the Final Sons of Man defeat Yetrigar and face Baal.
Does Woodgod, the Changelings, Dollar Bill, Ledge, and the Final Sons of Man destroy Baal? Do the FSoM cease to exist in doing so? Andrew Kieswetter says 'The climax will be earth-shattering!'

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