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Subj: Black Cat Annual #1: Cattitude and TAEGUKGI...
Posted: Sun Jul 04, 2021 at 10:49:07 pm EDT (Viewed 74 times)

Black Cat Annual 001

Another international superhero team of South Korea is introduced: Tiger Division! [sarcasm]And just like Triumph Division (the 2008 superhero team of Phillippines), these foreign powerhouses are sure to be incorporated into every Global Threat Events sold by Marvel's Bullpen[/sarcasm] Seriously though, it was interesting to see a bigger degree of superhuman balance on Earth. Especially, it is interesting to see Taegukgi is back and on par with Sentry, Blue Marvel, ...and of course Red Feather III ;\) ! Nice touch using established characters White Fox and Luna Snow, too.

And of course, the spot on fun dialogue and narration of Black Cat continues. Great detail with the "Fox" as a nickname no no. Her lasted-too-long run on ASM as the female crimeboss of NYC made her unbearable and this new series is a good start to redeem her and return her to her likable OG special "Selina Kyle" style character of the MU.

Were you entertained by BC here (for $4.99s worth)? Who would be a good love interest choice for her these days?

The tie-in to Infinite Destinies and next Infinity Stones Event Set Up was so poor, if not terrible, as was the backup story. Good thing the "Suicide Squad" mission (against a "Hector Hammond" style character) more than made up for this oversight. And the one panel cameo by Bruno and Korpse was better than nothing.

So, will YOU be posting/voting new VS. matches with Taegukgi on the CBMB? Are you counting for his guest star battles in/with Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain Marvel, Cap plus his shield, etc?

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