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Subj: What If...? Trailer
Posted: Sat Jul 10, 2021 at 12:31:13 pm EDT (Viewed 110 times)

I couldn't find a thread on this and it seems thsi would be the appropriate board for it. There's supposed to be 10 weekly episodes, starting August 11. This is what I see as episodes definitely revealed here:

* What if Sharon Carter got the super-soldier serum in place of Steve Rogers? ("Captain Carter")

* What if T'Challa became StarLord instead of Peter Quill? (also featuring Killmonger on Earth)

* What if Peter Parker became a Sorceror Supreme?

* What if the MCU inhabitants were turned into zombies?

* What if Ultron won, and got all 6 Infinity Stones?

* What if a different set of Avengers fought the Battle of New York?

I don't see any sign of the rumored "Guardians of the Multiverse" group (which may just be a toy marketing ploy by Marvel), except the part where Captain Carter meets Dr. Strange.

Any thoughts?