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IMO, superhero comics have nothing new to say story or craft wise and haven't for a while. There is just nothing left after 80+ years. It's all run it's course and then some.

So I got to wondering when would I be comfortable with Marvel just cancelling their lines and calling it a day?

To be clear, I'm not looking for a date for Marvel to end where it would go out on top at it's zenith. That of course would be somewhere in 80s after all those legendary runs.

I'd look for a year by which Marvel has run it's course and ends up on pretty solid ground; a little exhausted, but still standing proud.

Specifically, the end would be Avengers 56 from 2002 which was Busiek's last Avengers issue. Or I could push it to FF 524 from 2005; Waid's last FF ish. At these points (and with Whedon's X-Men) I'd say there is nothing left, but everything is still pretty good.

On an off day, I might say you could wrap it up with Ultimates Vol.2 #13 from 2007. But at that point I think overall the milk has curdled.

That's just my personal feel. How bout you?

***Good argument could be made that 2003 JLA/Avengers serves as good close out point for both DC and Marvel!

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I believe there are still lots of good story opportunities. Unfortunately they get squandered because the comic publishers want to make a statement or preach a message a lot of the time these days. And they're not really about the story anymore. There's a lot more money to be made in merchandise than in comics. As for the stories in the movies or cartoons, they seem like nothing but filler with bright lights and explosions.

These characters are for all intents and purposes immortal and their continuities are quite malleable. Lots can be be done with them.

EDIT: To answer your original question, I would say somewhere around the turn of the century for sure. It's been steadily downhill since with only a few bright spots.

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I don't think superhero stories EVER had anything to say, at least on their own. It was the creators who had something to say.

Because of that, there is always some level of creativity that can be used. Science Fiction, Horror, Romance, thrillers, all have far more stories written, and you probably would not say they have surpassed what they have to say.

There is always some new life experience or events of the time to inform them. There have not been any new ideas in a long time, only new executions.

This will become increasingly true overt the next decade I believe, since more than likely established characters that have finished their MCU tenure are pushed to the back in favor of the newer casts... if the MCU continues.

Have you considered that you have just finished with the books, and have convinced yourself that it is a bigger issue? There is a difference between where your train-stop and where the tracks end.

I have dropped a lot of books myself, and think i can see the finish line, but I don;t think it is an end to all the possibilities, just the ones for me.

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I discussed something like this the other day.

There is something to limited runs like anime or manga where the story is told and it ends and it is an advantage for storytellers to leave them wanting more and having an endpoint. But the advantage is you can keep it going.

The market with paper comics will probably kill them before anything and the reason for that decline can be argued.

As for stories, most stories are repetitive when you get right down to it. What is the old addage, man vs man, man vs nature and man vs self or something like that. Lots of alien invasions, monster invasions, looking inside a character and so on. And we can say that it is all the same but the trick is not to always come up with something totally original but telling something in a compelling way.

Don't get me wrong, originality is good and all but comic readers get angry at too much change. We just generally do. So, we encourage alot of the same old sort of thing to come up and then get angry when somebody rocks the boat.

That said there are still alot of bad stories anymore. At least it seems that ways to me. It would be hard for me to pick things, as different events for different characters were more fitting than others for different characters.

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Last issue written by Kurt Busiek, end of the century and Thunderbolts is a creative concept.

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No ending. They've never been intended to have some major thing to say. They're pulp. They're the primetime network tv of comics.

That said, there are still things that need saying. You see all this crap going around, complaining about SJW this and that? That only proves writers of today are saying things that need saying.

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