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Okay so we are going back to the 90's era of the Surfer when THANOS had returned and the infinity gauntlet story had occurred.

Surfer aids Genis/Legacy in saving a Kree ship from a black hole.

As they travel together, reality suddenly changes and Genis is gone and replaced by Captain MAR-VELL

Surfer is confused as to what happened as his memories did not change with the reality shift.

They stop a skrull attack on a world and Marv states he has no son and survived cancer.

Marv is then blasted and apparently is dead again (BOO!), Surfer looks through the smoke and sees THANOS. Thanos has come to ask the Surfer for aid and states Marv was merely a shadow among shadows....

So we are off and running. The premise of the story is that someone has stolen the reality gem from where Thanos had it locked up as he was assigned to guard it by Warlock as part of the Infinity Watch.

Who could have stolen it and why?

Well given that the apparent first thing they did was restore Mar-Vell to life that narrows the list down considerably.

1. Rick Jones, though how he could have stolen it is unknown he was linked to Marv and was one of the most heart broken over his passing.

2. Elysius: Marv's lover and would have become his wife and started a family with him had he not perished. The most heart broken from his demise and thus is the #1 suspect.

3. Mentor and Eros: they failed to save Marv and it is possible that guilt could have driven one or both of them to try this, but Mentor usually has enough wisdom to not do such things.

So this altered reality has it where the Skrulls are conquering worlds, and Marv survived cancer.

Well, Marv being alive and having survived cancer would be something the above would want to have happen. As to the skrulls conquering worlds, a side effect of bringing Marv back, or else whoever it was set the skrulls on the attack to give Marv something to fight.

Marv states he survived his illness and has no son, Genis at the moment does not exist.

Also, I am trying to remember but when did the Surfer meet Mar-Vell back when Marv actually was alive? I recall no such meetings in Surfer's first series or the 90's series. He did encounter Marv in the realm of the dead in that series and stated that he wished he knew Marv in his life time. After Surfer left, Marv states "perhaps in another".

So when this is all over, Marv goes back to being dead even though the reality gem can easily bring him back without changing all of reality as shown back in Cosmic Powers Unlimited #1.

Also Marv, or perhaps they are clone(s) of Marv in the current Carol Danvers story will be wiped out and Marv will remain dead as well.

So hypocritical that Marvel revives anyone else but not Mar-Vell. If Bucky and the Android Torch and now in the X-titles even THUNDERBIRD is back, then it is time for Mar-Vell to return.

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