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Subj: Spoielrs Making Fun of Spider-Man 3. Playing Around with the Lines of the Film.
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 at 10:21:50 pm EDT
Reply Subj: Sheesh....such negativity on this board...oh review of SM3 no spoilers
Posted: Fri May 04, 2007 at 10:50:55 pm EDT

Bouncer: You Better Leave!!

Bouncer grabs Peter, Peter beats him up and several other bouncers. Mary Jane comes after Peter.

MJ: Peter stop it!!

Peter smacks MJ!!

MJ: What's happened to you? I don't even know you anymore!!!

PP: I'm Spider-Man!!!!

Sandman: So the thing about your uncle's death, it was an accident. I didn't mean to kill him. It wasn't part of any intent, my finger just slipped.

PP: Getting bit by a genetically engineered spider was an accident too.

Sandman: Didn't that alien costume land in a meteorite by your moped?

PP: Yeah.

Sandman: Damn, you got the worse luck. Now that I think of it, the chances of all these accidental events are so astronomically impossible it boggles the mind. Its almost like guy game up with a bad script for our lives. Well, winds coming I better go. Oh, by the way you forgive me right.

PP: Yeah sure. I'll see you in the next movie, I need a new partner now that my old one died.

Venom: You hate Tobey McGuire, right?

Sandman: Yeah.

Venom: So I hate Tobey, you hate Tobey, and Sony hates Tobey. What are we waiting for, lets kill Tobey McGuire.

Spider-Man: Give up the suit!!! Its bad for you Eddie.

Venom: How many times do I have to tell, I'm Spider-Man now.

Reporter: It looks like Spider-Man is dying. Everybody take pictures.

JJJ: Damn, everybody is taking pictures of Spider-Man dying but me. Even this kid is taking pictures of Spider-Man's death. I am going to be the only guy that doesn't have a picture of a dead Spidey in my photo album.

Harry Osborn: Look Peter I'm sorry that MJ left you, but now we can be together.

PP: What, are you saying?

Harry Osborn: Pete I'm gay and so are you. Why do you think you haven't gotten married to MJ yet?

PP: No, I don't believe it.

Harry Osborn: I'm sorry Peter, but its true I thought it would be better if you heard it from me first since I am your friend.

PP: No, I just don't believe that I never figured out before. The red and blue costume, the lack of caring about MJ's feelings, the complete and utter obsession with talking to Aunt May. All the evidence was right in front of me and I never pieced it together I thought I was genius.

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