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Subj: Spoilers and a rant inside. Mary Jane what's the attraction? Please tell me.
Posted: Sun Nov 23, 2008 at 10:20:42 pm EST (Viewed 89 times)

I just never saw it. She was just there. Go Tiger. I need to act. There there Peter. Oh boo hoo I hate this life. Let me smoke it away. Let me look sexy. I hate this life Peter. There there Peter. Let me look sexy. Look I got captured by a villian. Can someone name one good Mary Jane story in the past twenty years?

HOnestly when I first started reading Spidey in the 80's I was in shock he was married. At first I thought Mary Jane was FireStar. Over time I learned differnt. But really she looked hot to kid's mind. Come to think of it all I remember of Mary Jane was lots of drawings of her in skimpy outfits. Taking showers. And getting pictures of herself naked. And her macking it out with some co-star from some acting gig in Spectactular....hmmm. When did I agree to read Days of Our Lives instead of Spidey? Come to think of it I think this is why I became totally neutral to her. I didn't care if she was in the book or not. She was just...there.

Honestly guys why is the marriage such a tragic lost? Cause I busted a gut laughing when Mephisto said it would be. To me it was just there. Like a prop.

I mean I get the hate almost. Because really we are getting some half assed explanations about continuity and the memory wipe in INTERVIEWS. I like some in story explanation. Yeah yeah they said it over and over again it still happened just that Peter and Mary Jane weren't married. How about saying it in the freaking comic am I right? And since everything still happend than THE OTHER EVOLVE OR DIE still happened. What about his other powers...though they didn't really acknowledge that when he did have them. How did he lose the organic web shooters. Did he lose the stinger/claws (wolverine envey indeed) how about the increased reflexes and spider-sense, the increased strength, and vision etc....????

And lookint at it from a psychological aspect I think Peter should go see Ashley Kafka again for some counseling sessions. Obviously I think Peter and Mary Jane had a unhealthy co-dependent relationship. You know some people act a certain way because of the other person in the relationship. Could breaking up with someone really cause you to revert to a more mmature or previous version of themselves? Quite possible. I agree that Pete has regressed a bit. But why? My brother got divorced and was the most mature guy, a much better guy because of the marriage, but than after he divorced he started acting like the jerk he was in highschool and his early twenties. Went to therapy and he's startring to be like his old self. He's even dating again. His therapist said it was some kind of self defense mechanism that he reversted to a more immature state to deal with some depression and anger he had about the divorce. Maybe that could be used as a explanation of Peter's current attitude. I dunno.

I like a lot of the stories after OMD. But I want some Gosh darn back ground man! At least they are going to tell us about Harry. But Jeez they took a freaking YEAR and change. I dunno. Gotta say I liked Jonah's dad showing up. That's a hoot. \:\)

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