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Scott Howard

I remember in a What if Peter says that he doesn't know how strong he is when he was going toe to toe with Tony. When properly motivated we have seen what he can do. So spidey mans who would you put him on par with.

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spidey is very strong and somtime even stronger

he is basicaly in CAGE or ms. Marvel class, which means less strong as the thing or collosus, but very strong, waaay stronger that captain america for one. he can press about 10-30 tons and he can beat the Hulk in tennis.

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According to the old "Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe" stuff, Spider-Man is capable of lifting 10 tons under optimal conditions. Post Avengers Disassembled and Thye Other, his strength level was boosted to being able to lift 25 tons.

However, he also rarely uses his full strrength. He is constantly pulling his punches in combat to avoid causing serious harm or killing an opponent.

Finding strength parallels is a bit fuzzy since many "strong" characters have been amped up in recent years. For example, Iron Man and Luke Cage both used to be about his strength level but each seems to be written as much stronger now. Obvious parallels are the Green Goblin (Norman) and Spider-Woman (Julia and Jessica both). Each member of the Wrecking Crew is also about the same strength level.

Here's a website that you might find useful:

I'm not sure on the sources for all their data, and keep in mind writers tend to be fluid with these things, but there you are.

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After the 'Other', it was stated that he had class 25 strength, which is pretty impressive. I am not sure if he is back to the old class 10 levels in Brand New Day. But as others have pointed out here, Spidey is greatly influenced by his motivation and general emotional status.

When Jean DeWolff was killed by the Sin-Eater, a torn up Spidey was defeated by Daredevil in hand to hand combat. Before that, Spidey defeated Firelord ( !). During One More Day he defeated Extremis Iron Man and so on.

So generally, if his head is in the game and he is totally focused, he can be a very formidable opponent.

Never forget
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I am pretty sure that Cage and Ms. Marvel are around class 50 nowadays.
And Spider-Man always was stronger than Captain America. Faster and more agile, too. He just doesn't have his fighting skills and Cap's win-factor.

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