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Subj: Back In Quack #1: PBP...
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Cant get enough of Spidey, Howard the Duck... OR his ally the Man-Thing? image hosting and read...

Spider-Man: Back In Quack #1

Some quaick page by page thoughts...

Cover: Simple yet funny. Lacking yet effective. Cute logo yet a tad dated(w/o even a ref inside).

-On the one hand showing Man-Thing spoiled his appearance surprise [plus WTH is he doing in NY is this circa TBolt 150?]; on the other hand poor solicitation that it has an actual backup too.
-Wasted space with cover repeated.
-Thought HIZONNER was just Spideytalk slang all these previews... huh, guess not.
-ANATIDAE: Learned a new word \:\)
-Neat mention of Garko and Bessi but S.O.O.F.I. deserved more than a mention since it was intrinsic to the plot. Could not appreciate the connection to S.O.O.Ph.I. to its fullest.
-Decent attempt at chronoplacement yet same for Bev mightve been nice.

1 Well placed prologue but gives story an unwanted filler feel since with no reference to ARMOR who he is still with AFAIK. Neatly, the origin recap read quack and easy. Really liked the crowned silhouette mystery shadow.

2 Like Spidey handling but his HITLER joke may have been too far for him AAAAND is a complete waste since this artistic interpretation does NOT give JJJ his iconic 'stache. \:\( Despite that however, this ish is gonna be good art...

-"Swizzle"! IM 2 demographic leftovers? Indiana Jones 5? That's hot...? The outfit is hot... well, literally if not figuratively. Tailored happy facesa and "Cynical Duck" offer some humor.
-Appropriate nonsensical catch phrases and yeah, Spidey might deduce that it is Howard but in a world of secret identities (magically induced or not) he should NOT have figured Beverly so easily.
-Decent narration.

7-9 Crisis revealed though they ineffectively delve nowhere with details beyond the appropriately silly need to wear glasses atop the faces. In the olde days these 3 pages mightve been handled in 3 panels.

10-12 Three bland pages of deprogramming. The only smile... came from Howard's 'face'.

13 Master plan reveal. Its okay as far as villain schemes du jour go.

14 Decent parody: probably Diane Sawyer, Chris Matthews, somebody name #3?, and Larry King.

15 Finally, the only, really funny bit in the whole ish, Spidey's 'solution'.

16 Howard's turn to deprogram and it felt as lacking. Plus, Bev was illogically not wearing her 'face' which read odd.

17 Huh, theyre just one-way yellow mirror balls. More disappointly unexplored details of the EMAX BLANDITRON. Well, at least we get a Glory Grant cameo.

18 Finally, so real emotion felt. AAHHHH! Thats gotta hurt!

19 Only 1 page of fighting for the readers. \:\( No where near this type action: And to continue The Simpsons comparison: Worst. Webbing. Ever.

20 Another faction has teleporter tech. Who knew? [Cyke was recently so hard up for 'porters, he should look into that. ;\) ]

21 Decent ending: Spidey gets selfcontained ending. Mystery villain gets open ending. Man-Thing gets his cameo. Gerber gets his tribute.

Man-Thing Backup...
WTH was are readers supposed to get from this 7 page, title misplaced, attempt at eerie? Man-Thing is taking a vacation from Raft duty and orders from the apparent anonymous antagonist "THAT DOCTOR"?

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