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Subj: Black Cat #4 of 4
Posted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 at 02:21:43 pm EDT (Viewed 713 times)

Did the other 3, might as well be completist about it with...

BLACK CAT 4 of 4

Theme poser-ish cover works fine for the mini. The background squares did add some servicable context. The Editor's correction about THE CAT was also appreciated.

Its fun to delude oneself that posting constructive critisisms are considered and catalyst to story adjustments. Complained about not clearly catching the main antagonists name for 3 issues, basically, and here, on the very first page, they repeat the name SIDOROV in 4 panels!. And they threw in the name of Bryon and Tami who are still stranger-ish as new characters. Then page 2, he states his full name again [and readers get a clear recap of what the whole mini was about]. That whole character calling courtesy brought a smile for that reason.

Odd that Sidorov thought of BC as 'a genie' but character kooky quirk apparently.

Tami and Byron played their roles in the sting in fine fashion.

Really disliked the art. The plain straight lines in BC's hair in motion and her haphazard shape in shadows & silhouettes reminded me of this each time. To be fair, the facial expressions worked as drawn and thats important.

Liked how BC stays to face Sasha(iirc only called Madame Kraven) - and the ring swipe which went perfect. In fact the whole story was good up until when she returns to effective surprise and appropriate heroism to save the bad guy. But then when the fight action starts the constructive critisizing commenced.

The disliked art and poor choreography layout made the fight a chore to read rather than fun.
-after the karate chop how did they segue to the background missing orange panel of BC looking at Sasha's crotch?
-did our view rotate 180 and Vasili escaped out the door BC was gonna take?
-did the knife actually cut her hair or did brown paint chip of the wall fly out infront as it went thru her hair?
-the flipping Sasha movement, towards her knife, didnt flow as well with the 3:2 figure ratio as either 3:1 or 3:3?
-does BC have the left side of her face nicked or maybe her bleeding tooth from before spurting blood from the knife?
-is BC gonna barf with that look or trying to hold back a lot of blood from a perfectly fine face shown in successive scenes?
-throwing Ana suddenly into the mix was very jarring. Obviously she kicked the opening door 'cuz she saw a knife coming thru and was playing it safe, eh? And obviously she was adding a crossover moment from Grim Hunt with footnote unfairly neglected, eh? "Web-weaver" as in Madame Web?
-BC was awfully lucky to recover so quickly and that Ana was more noticable about a missing ring rather than her skulking away from this fight, right?

The BC headshot narration box in the same panel as her feet... ugh. The black highheel shoe was logically Sasha but it the tracking effect was... ugh. The jarring halt of trying to figure out her movement to attain that 3rd flip position in mid air given her movement... ugh. Having to assume that Sasha stopped for a rifle to explain out of the blue PINK PUK PUK... ugh. Also not sure how far the ledge over the highway is from the Kraven Manor wall to imagine her degree of danger... ugh.

Wha the?! Did BC make that (ludicrous) jump or run to the highway? And the answer to that would determine how ludicrous the literal and figurative scope of Sasha is in this scene. But then the tracking skill of BC pretty much sucked after that too - BUT at least she commendably TRIED to save Spidey from the Grim Hunt.

Liked the POV of her mom towards Spidey but WTH does she need the alias if she is going to be living with BC, who AFAIK, is still Felicia Hardy?

Liked the scene of her clearing things up with Spidey who rejects the ring. Its no Kryptonite Ring but maybe it will be a neat detail revisited in a future Kraven storyline.

Liked that Ana and Kraven were able to track successfully and kill. Odd trying to figure out if that is Ana's tongue licking the prey's blood after smearing it all over her lips to explain the exact same shade of red 3 times (w/another red neon light just outside). Then their excuse for letting BC go felt a little lazy for hunters not to mention there was no mention of them not being in the Savage Land fulltime at this point (w/Madame dead).

So, BC is stinking rich. Ha. Bye bye poor farm storylines and get lost Thomas Fireheart.

So, how they going to end this? Hey! Now that would be a CAPital mini and hello sidebar question #255: Could that be the real McCoy and was that incredible icon item last seen dented circa Cap255?


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