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Subj: Will Eddie Brock Remain Anti-Venom While The Venom Symbiote Gets A New Host, Or Will Brock Don The Evil Black Goo Again ??!!
Posted: Mon Oct 25, 2010 at 10:39:56 pm CDT (Viewed 24 times)

Like I said, is Brock stayin' as the inspirational Anti-Venom while Vin Gonzales or somebody else becomes the Evil Venom, or will Brock go back to his roots. It was mentioned that Anti-Venom will be a part of "Big Time", but also that Gargan will become Scorpion again while Venom returns. I'm hopin' that Venom will be another host, as Marvel originially intended for the symbiote to use different hosts, rather than murdering the MOTIVATING, INSPIRTIONAL STORY OF ANTI-VENOM. Brock proved that he is more AWESOME than the Miz, and more Awesome than when he was just Venom. So please, let's pray that Marvel keeps Eddie as Anti-Venom. So until Spider-Man joins the Nexus, MAKE MINE MARVEL !!!! THE CHAMP IS HERE !!!! AND IF YOU WANT SOME, COME GET SOME !!!!!!