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CloneSaga/Spidergirl Fan

Hi everyone!
It's been ages since I've posted here; I've gone through an extreme status quo change of my own over the last couple years. I have a question about single issues versus trade paperbacks.

I'm collecting the Complete Clone Saga books due to the fact they are much more saving-room-friendly than having stacks of the individual issues. However, this is my issue.

Over the last few years I was fortunate enough to have 80% or so of the saga signed by John Romita Jr, Tom Defalco, Todd Dezago, Dan Jurgens, Ron Frenz and Buscema.

They're not mint, but in extremely readable condition. What could a large lot of these issues get me if I sold them?

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Edward Whelan

Signed books are always hard to price because the market for them is so limited. Personally, I dont want scribbles on my book (whether a date stamp or an autograph) so to me they are worthless. To many others, they may be worth multiples of book value.

The best you can do is grade the book in the condition you deem it to be (and from your description of "readable" that may not be too high) and bump it up 25%-50% or so and see if anyone bites on ebay. You will be esentially setting the market yourself as they are truly one of a kind. All it takes is 2 people that see value in them and you will make some money. I would set a reserve though, in case no one is eager to get them and try listing them later. good luck.

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