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Subj: Scarlet Spider #11...
Posted: Mon Nov 12, 2012 at 11:59:42 pm EST (Viewed 288 times)

Scarlet Spider #11

This chapter wasn't bad (or good) but did seem to lose some lustre for the promising earlier ones in this arc. This time we get the two debatably interpretted battle encounters and the convenient connection suddenly established with the symbiote race of 616 as the (methodical?) bane of the Microverse.

The first page did give a very good Kaine narrative and character 'maturing' from his evil days - but after that, in regards to Scarlet Spider, all we get is a far fetched stalemate with his fighting a crazy Cletus/Carnage. You'd think the only way Kaine could win that fight is with a quick win - this fight went on so long.

Maybe the Microverse environment altered Carnage's chances for the worse but it seems unlikely since it seemed to increase Venom's chances in his batte vs the Enigma Force. The four Microns were going to lose 'cuz the symbiote gains control of the the host in this world. If not for the music of Flare... We know sonics is a destructive weapon vs a symbiote but did we know that music would soothe the savage beastly symbiote (from any previous battle)? An impressive showing for Flare. Heck, the Avengers should sign up Songbird with Venom on the team to keep the symbiote in reign. Does anyone recall any TBolt issues where Songbird used her powers vs Venom/Gargan?

Anyways, after the 2 fights, the symbiotes are both escorted to finally meet Marquis Radu and quickly move things along. Is this a first time we see Radu who is apparently insectoid to a large degree? The foe tells the history of symbiotes breaching the Microverse and bring fatal instability to the fabric of that reality. This is a bad thing as Scarlet Spider comes to realize in an understated conclusion.

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