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Stuart Green

Subj: My thoughts on Spider-Man's new solo film and role in the MCU and how important this all really is
Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2015 at 06:11:15 pm EST (Viewed 20 times)


Okay, I know everyone has their own opinion on the Spider-Man movies, the direction they should be heading in and whether or not he should even be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or MCU. But I'm surprised that there's all these complaints against it, and even complaints that Peter Parker himself should even be Spider-Man in the new movies.

First of all, Peter Parker IS Spider-Man. Sure, we've had other Spider-Men take up the mantle (and even his clone Ben Reilly and Doc Ock in Peter's body as Spidey) and other reality Spider-Men from different years and universes, but Peter Parker has had the longest time with the identity, he's considered Marvel's flagship hero and is arguably one of the best comic book characters ever created, so I'm not sure why people are surprised that Marvel and Sony are still using Peter Parker as Spider-Man. Sure, Miles Morales is the Ultimate Universe Spider-Man and he's very popular. He may eventually appear in a Spider-Man film one day. But Miles has only been around for four years, while Peter Parker has been around since 1962. I get that people want to see an African-American Spider-Man in a movie, whether it's Miles or even Peter. I, for one, think they should have more super heroes in Marvel films that aren't white and that there should also be more solo female superhero films. I am also disappointed that Spider-Man's role in next year's "Captain America: Civil War" has, as a result, reduced the role of Black Panther in that film, a character who will get his own film (but should've had one by now). But let's remember, this is the very first movie that we will get to see Peter Parker in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie ever. EVER. Having Miles Morales in the MCU wouldn't make as much sense as having Peter Parker be Spider-Man. Don't you think fans would be a bit more excited to see Peter Parker meet the MCU heroes over Miles given that Peter has much more history interacting with those characters, whether Peter's Spidey is on the Avengers or not?

This announcement is historic for comic book films. This isn't like DC Comics where you can make a "Justice League" movie or a team-up film with the DC heroes. DC and Warner Bros. could do that any time they want to because they own the film rights to all their characters; Marvel does not have that luxury. I vividly remember the days when Marvel was in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Currently, Sony has the Spider-Man film rights and the X-Men and the Fantastic Four are with 20th Century Fox. Getting these characters together is a much bigger deal than any DC Comics group film or team-up. Ten years ago, if you told me that Spider-Man would be in a film with Captain America, Iron Man and the Hulk, I'd say it would've been impossible given the rival film studio rights to the characters. Heck, if you told me that the Hulk would've been in a film with Captain America and Iron Man, I would've said that even that was impossible. But we're going to see Spider-Man team up with fellow Marvel heroes in a live action project. That's never happened before. Unlike the Hulk, who got TV movie team-ups with Thor and Daredevil (which I personally liked, despite the insanely low budget), Spider-Man never got a live-action adaptation where he met other super heroes. The closest that we got to other superheroes being around was "Spider-Man 2" mentioning by J. Jonah Jameson that the name Doctor Strange was taken when Hoffman suggests what nickname to call Otto Octavius after his lab accident.

As a Spider-Man fan as far back as I can remember, I grew up watching the Nicholas Hammond TV show on the Sci-Fi Channel and renting the VHS tapes, as well as watching the Spider-Man animated series on Fox Kids every Saturday morning. I thought that his team-ups with heroes like Daredevil, Black Cat and Iron Man would be the only way I'd see him paired up with any super heroes at all because this was the 1990s, the pre-CGI summer blockbusters era of superhero films where all we got were the "Batman" sequels from Warner Bros. and "The Mask" among box office duds like "Judge Dredd", "Barb Wire" and "Steel". There was no way in the 1990s that you could've done a Spider-Man film and not have it cost an insane amount of money, let alone an "Avengers" film at that time. When "Spider-Man" first came out in 2002, I never thought I'd finally see the movie I'd waited to see made given all the false starts at different studios, most of which that went bankrupt, in the 1980s and then the big legal headaches in the 1990s as to who had the rights to make a "Spider-Man" film when Carolco went bankrupt. As an adult, I appreciate this news even more now because too many people don't see this news as a big deal. Superhero films are a dime a dozen now and as common as any movie genre. Kids growing up won't know just how long their folks who were fans of the characters had to wait just to finally see Spider-Man, Iron Man and Captain America all in the same movie like the previously-mentioned "Captain America: Civil War".

Second of all, if Sony and Marvel can work on sharing Spidey in the movies, why not go one step further and introduce some of his characters and/or history on ABC's "Agents of SHIELD"? Peter Parker's parents were SHIELD agents in the comics. Imagine the plot lines the show could do by exploring the Parker parents' time as SHIELD agents or having Phil Coulson and his team meet up with the staff of the Daily Bugle, or even meet up with some of Spider-Man's enemies like Chameleon, Sandman or Shocker. You can give the villains back stories on the show before they fight Spidey in the movies, thus tying in to both the solo "Spider-Man" film(s) AND the "Sinister Six" spin-off. Heck, you could even show the SHIELD agents encountering a symbiote from outer space to tie into the Spidey films, the Venom film AND giving us more of the cosmic side of Marvel. The possibilities on that front are endless and not entirely impossible. After all, they worked out a movie deal, so why not TV too? It'd be a win-win for both studios and all their movies.

Finally, I get that people don't want to see yet another Spider-Man and that Peter Parker will again be recast and that Peter Parker will be in high school again (which is curious, considering the character spent much more time in the comic books in college and then later married to Mary Jane pre-OMD than he ever did in high school, but I digress). Also, from what I've read, there will be no origin since it's been done twice before, so that's a smart move. But do we really have to complain about something that hasn't happened yet? It's a shame that every time a big movie is announced or comic book role is cast, especially the latter, that fans automatically nitpick the heck out of it and complain. Remember how fans went mental when Michael Keaton was first cast as Batman? Or how about when Hugh Jackman was first cast as Wolverine? Or when Heath Ledger was picked as the Joker, and then there was equal complaints with how he looked like in the film in the first released close-up photo? Sure, there have been decisions that didn't work out so well, like Topher Grace as Eddie Brock/Venom. But just because a movie has been announced or an actor/actress has been cast in a role you wouldn't exactly associate them with playing, that doesn't mean it's reason enough to suddenly say it's a terrible idea. I'm still confident that decisions that made fans upset like the casting of Ben Affleck as the new Batman will work out okay in the end. When you see something in the final film or TV show or whatever, and you don't like it then, THEN complain and say why you didn't like it. It doesn't do much good to complain before anything's happened or been shown yet.

All I'm saying is, just give this news time. Take a breath, relax and focus on the positives of all this news. Peter Parker's Spider-Man can now appear in other superhero films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and they can also guest star in his movies, something fans have been wanting for a long time (not all fans, sure, but you know what I mean). We're going to see Spider-Man with other superheroes in the same movie for the first time ever in our lifetime. We're going to get new takes on Peter Parker/Spider-Man, his supporting cast and his villains that are different from the Sam Raimi and Marc Webb films and could be more like their comic counterpart versions than recent Spidey films have given us. Heck, we may even get J.K. Simmons back as J. Jonah Jameson after he played the character so perfectly in the Raimi trilogy. Sure, it's got some worrisome factors, since this means we get a second reboot of the Spider-Man films just two years after "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was released, another new actor playing the character and that fans could see Spidey fatigue since he's going to be in more films than ever: "Captain America: Civil War" in 2016, his new reboot film in 2017 and likely the two "Avengers: Infinity War" films in 2018 and 2019... and that's not including his possible appearances in the "Sinister Six" and "Venom" films.

But personally, I'm excited about seeing Spider-Man finally in the MCU films and am confident the new films will be good. They may be as good as the first two Sam Raimi films, which I personally prefer over the two Marc Webb/Andrew Garfield films as I didn't care for those films, or they could be even better than Raimi's. I'm not saying they'll be good or better films, but I'm certainly not saying they'll be worse or bad films either. I have faith in the new Spider-Man films and look forward to seeing what comes next.

Then again, this is just my opinion on the matter, my two cents (which is two cents more than my opinion is actually worth). What do you guys think? Thank you for reading my babbling and I hope you all have a great day.

Thanks again,
Stuart Green

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