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Subj: SILK #1...
Posted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 at 01:03:40 pm EST (Viewed 231 times)

Despite Silk's grating pre-Spiderverse origins, she's here and we have to deal with it. Better to deal than to sweep her under the rug like Jackpot. In itself, it read just as good if not better than the other recent MU female lead titles' premieres for the most part. It should be a 2.99er though. Aaanyways...

Silk 001
What PLEASANT surprise. Not perfect but quite pleasant in both story and art. BTW, does Hector look like DC to you? Also pleasant...

• Acceptable poser cover for premiere. Costume ain't that shabby! Neat detail with webs bending at foot.
• Fun narrative.
• Fine intro of a neat DRAGONCLAW as a series original and even possible 'arch-enemy' potential.
• Her dated values motivating all aspects of her life fit.
• Appropriate and welcome use of a spot-on Spidey right out of the gates.
• Relatable new backstory with her family. Hopefully her brother proves as amicable as Ganke is with Miles.
• Working for JJJ may be trope but it works fine so far. Fun twist that JJJ LIKES this spider-avatar.
• Fun work dynamic hinted at with JJJ's boss. (We still miss you Robbie!)
• Not crazy about the finesse with her power options but loved the "PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD" sequence.
• Workable supporting cast so far.
• "GOOD TALK, CINDY." \:\)
• Black Cat?!!!! Okay. Fine. It IS a topical sitch. Have to deal with it. Maybe this book will be able to resolve this attrocity before ASM does...
• "THE REPAIRMAN". Ha! The low-rent Tinkerer! It DOES have a neat ring to it. Surprised it hasn't been used yet.
• Zeke revisited too?! *Grrr* Okay. Reserving judgement on this - it could lead to something interesting. Especially in lieu of the offpanel voices on the last page.
• Actually, really liked the last page statement/setup. Gives her an immediate purpose that readers can relate to. However, between that TV station and Spidey's contacts it should NOT take her THAT long to find her folks.
• Innteresting tenticale teaser to 2:


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