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Subj: The Goblin Family
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Something I did for fun.

Norman Osborn, the Green Goblin, decides that maybe what he needs is a group of goblins, just like Peter has a group of spiders, but instead of flunkies, it would be people who can think for themselves, because an army that can't function without orders simply helps the other side.

Roderick Kingsley, the Hobgoblin, agrees with a partnership with Norman, but of course they don't trust each other and only cares about the profits this would bring if they combine their resources, which Norman mentions that some of those resources was originally his and that the Hobgoblin would have never existed if it wasn't for the Green Goblin (Amazing Spider-Man #238 1983), just like his licensed hand-me-down identities or bootlegged versions that he sells.

Lily Hollister (Amazing Spider-Man #545 2008), formally Menace and Queen Cat, Lily gets her memory back and becomes Kingsley second in charge and the Snow Goblin who's empowered by the goblin serum, the same version that Kingsley used, and miniaturized Blizzard tech, that was invented by Gregor Shapanka, that's in her gloves. Norman likes to taunt her about being the grandfather of her son Stanley who she stays away from for his own protection.

Phillip Urich, the Goblin Knight again, and on Kingsley's side of the deal, because despite what he and Lily had done to him in the past, while mentioning that Lily had amnesia at the time, at least he didn't almost killed him like Norman did when he was the Red Goblin and was lucky that the limited healing factor saved him while leaving scars on his chest cause by symbiote blades (Amazing Spider-Man #797 2018). Norman taunts him by saying no hard feelings, which Kingsley told him to expect to keep himself in line. He's only doing this for power and influence that Kingsley promised him, but tells Lily that he doesn't trust the sociopath who never seemed to care that he killed his twin brother, even if it was self defense, which makes Lily laugh because the reason he was in that predicament was because Phil wanted his glory days that never was back and thinks only an idiot would try to be a super-hero as the Green Goblin (Amazing Spider-Man #649 2011).

Jason Macendale Jr., or his clone when he was Hobgoblin, managed to survive the New U Technologies ordeal (The Clone Conspiracy #5 2016) when his selfish self-preservation made him abandon the other Green Goblin and Jack O'Lantern to desperately look for stabilizing drugs, since there was no way they were going to open that door, and luck had it where he was exposed to the stabilizing sound when doing it, and went into hiding, is once again Jack O'Lantern and has taken the gear of the wannabe (Venom #1 2018) with a warning to find something else to do because the original was back, while adding some of his old Hobgoblin stuff into it like the sparkle beams. The broomstick is revealed to be an updated version of the one that Norman once used which was stolen, thus meaning that the wannabe was partly telling the truth when he said he had official Green Goblin gear, though ignorant about it. Now empowered by the goblin serum, thanks to Norman, and mentions it gives him even greater power then Kraven's elixir did in his old body (Spider-Man #47 & #48 1994), as well as make him smarter. He's also Norman's right hand man because he once forced his son Harry to be a man that fights for what is his (Web of Spider-Man #47 & Amazing Spider-Man #312 1989), but warns him not to do it again because he has plans for his grandchildren. Macendale tells Kingsley that he can no longer bully him based on once having superior strength and speed like in the past, or easily kill him, and reminds him who's the trained killer here, while Kingsley mentions that it's funny that he wears a pumpkin on his head, because to Norman, he's just as disposable as a pumpkin bomb. Jason could sense that Demogoblin, now Demagoblin, was back and suspected she could sense him as well, thanks to a psychic bond, and that they'll one day confront each other in a deadly way.

Gray Goblin, Gabriel Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #509 2004), Norman's son who's stronger and faster then the normal goblin and seriously psychotic because of side effects that makes him a berserker, as well as cured of his accelerated aging because of an augmented goblin serum, makes the others uneasy and even Macendale thinks he'll probably end up killing them all if he snaps. Norman controls him with medication.

Sarah Stacy (Amazing Spider-Man #509 2004) who's Gabriel Stacy's twin sister and Norman's daughter. Also cured of her accelerated aging, but from Spider-Man's radioactive blood, while the terrible headaches she and her brother always had since they were kids were psychological afterwards and gotten better in time. During her time with Interpol, she learned a lot about her father, like the "injection" origin of her father's was made up to no doubt trick them into taking the injection of the augmented goblin serum, which was a fate she was spared of because of circumstances, and that it's possible that Norman drugged her mother that led to their conception and perhaps told no one out of shame. She went to the secret base that she knew about and kept to herself, the one where her brother became the Gray Goblin, and knew that Norman would not leave her alone because her goblin costume was green (Amazing Spider-Man #513 2004), that he chose one of them to carry on his legacy and it was her. She used the resources of the place to create a goblin serum, the basic kind without the psychological side effects, to bring her to full strength, because her "father" was only partly changed by the chemical during the time she and her brother were conceived, and she was not going to take the injection that turned her brother into a crazed berserker, who she calls Gabe. She even made some gear to become the Dark Goblin for the purpose of ending the Green Goblin curse.

Jack O'Lantern's son Jay Macendale (Spider-Man #49 1994) realizes that the Jack O'Lantern on TV is perhaps his father with the way he moves and talks and the authorities had once told him and his mom that his dad was cloned at New U Technologies, but they didn't find him among the clones who were either alive or dead because DNA checking didn't have him on file when they were processing the clones. The kid comes up with a crazy idea of killing him.

The Proto-Goblon (Peter Parker Spider-Man #-1 1997), who's been hiding for years and receives an offer from Sarah Stacy to get revenge on Norman.

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