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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man #54
Posted: Fri Dec 11, 2020 at 09:42:34 pm EST (Viewed 207 times)

I just realized that Harry set Peter on fire, but his costume showed no evidence. Maybe Harry is having another nervous breakdown and thinks he's become a demon, that his "death" psychologically damaged him, though probably brought back a dream demon with him to explain the magic part, perhaps Nightmare or Mephisto is involved, while Norman probably secretly had him under medication that later stopped working.

(1) Like Stromm, Harry was perhaps also under suspended animation because of the goblin formula, and like Stromm, he lost his powers because of it, since Stromm seemed like a normal human after his days as Gaunt ended, just like Harry when he so called came back from the dead. Harry might have found a secret stash of goblin serum of his father's and used one of them. He also found his father's records of past exploits, like when he was head of H.A.M.M.E.R. and stuff

(2) Harry perhaps uses Mysterio's technology of illusions that also involves hypnosis and made Peter think he was getting killed and coming back among other things. Harry probably used the Winkler's brain-washing tech on Mysterio to make him his flunky and how he got access to his stuff.

(3) Sin-Eater is maybe a clone with Stanley Carter's memories, like Ben Reilly with Peter's memories, created from Warren's cloning technology that Norman, through one of his Scriers, helped to perfect, though he had to "reperfect" it after his assistant Seward Trainer stole some important notes on the process. The clone was empowered by the same Super-Adaptiod tech that once empowered Norman, and like Norman, the tech broke down from mimicking too many powers with the difference that the clone was left unharmed, perhaps an improvement of the process, while his special shotgun was a miniaturized version of Winkler's brain washing machine that shoot implants that made the victims act sin free, while perhaps acted as receivers when it came to the Super-Adaptoid tech when it came to mimicking powers and as a side-effect prevented them from using their powers. The "hell" memories were probably made up.

(4) The centipedes are probably based on Stromm's robotic technology that Harry cybernetically controls. They perhaps use anti-gravity tech and sometimes carry Harry around.

(5) Temporary goblin serum that changes appearances and other mutations on Spider-Man's spider-allies or a gas that made them go crazy mixed with Mysterio's tech, While using Madame Web's connection to the Web of Life and Destiny while he had her because of the possible dream demon.