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Amazing Spider-Man#55: The 'conclusion' of Last Remains

Psyche, it ends on a cliffhanger.

Peter, Harry, and MJ all have dinner at the table. Harry brings up the trio's relationship as kids in college, and of the instances Peter would always let Norman off the hook as the Goblin just to keep Harry close to his father. Harry argues it was less because Norman forgot who he was, but because he forgot who Peter was.

Peter still cannot believe Harry hasn't moved past his issues with his father despite having allegedly seeing that over the course of the last decade. Harry blames Peter for his current state and brutalises him. Mary Jane intervenes, saying Peter doesn't remember what Harry wants him to confess to (essentially confirming MJ has always remembered the deal with Mephisto), and that she will offer herself as a sacrifice if she has to so Peter can live.

Norman then arrives in full costume and charges up his pumpkin bombs, Mary Jane is caught in one of the blasts and is critically injured. Fisk orders his men outside to close in while Norman and Kindred do battle. Peter cradles MJ in his arms as she tells him everything will be alright...and then we cut to black

My thoughts

Just recently I was reminded of an interview conducted with Nick Spencer in October where he described Last Remains as triggering more of a 'domino effect' in the books, and that appears to be the has lit a match, but does that truly gurantee everything afterwards will be, as the kids would say, 'fire'?

This was promoted as a major fireworks display, so why didn't any of it truly blast off? So much stalling, patches of dampm snail pacing, pointless side attractions (Sin Eater and Morlun), a dozen or so issues and most of it could have been told in four or even three regular volumes of ASM.

This was a storyline that presented itself as having one goal: to inform us of Kindred and enthral us with his first major strike against Peter...and instead what we get is a lot of confusion. Nothing is said about how Harry ever got from where he was in Brand New Day to how he is now. Who he is is made perfectly clear, but after that revelation nothing is made of his motivations, and the story, having lost sight of an objective I feel was crucial, wound up petering out.

Last Remains isn't so much a story as a series of unfortunate events, and the unfortunate victims of the story were the children of the web, us, the readers, who have sought for so long to see Peter face his greatest folly, only to be told by Mary Jane he does not remember any of it, and it is only the promise that all will be well from the same person, a person we trust a great deal, that perhaps compells us to remember any of this.

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So Fisk and his people will walk in on unmasked Peter and Fisk will know his identity which he's been hinted to know.

And if Fisk doesn't use that knowledge to publically reveal Peter's identity and kill Aunt May I call bull.

The most tired trope concerning identities is 'I'll keep it secret because of reasons.' Only person I accept it from is Venom and maybe Norman when Harry was a civilian.

Any other villain should scream it from the rooftops or they look stupid trying to kill Pete but not take the obvious route to do it.

Also, totally unimpressed with this storyline. But that's just me.

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