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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#59: We Are Defined By Our Writing
Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2021 at 05:41:44 am EST (Viewed 241 times)

...And boy does the writing leave a lot to be desired here


Peter appears to have changed his mind and is concerned for Harry again, as his inner monologue appears to reveal while he's battling Negative's demon henchmen. May and Martin Li attempt to hide in crawl space tunnels hidden underneath F.E.A.S.T, but they're eventually found and captured. Meanwhile, Liz and Normie are taken by Norman to see Harry/Kindred. Liz breaks down in despair while Normie flees.

May is used as a hostage by the demons to keep Peter at bay, Martin intervenes, he thanks May for everything before surrendering himself to his sin and giving the demons what they want...their boss back. Mr. Negative lives again.

Negative opts to spare May and F.E.A.S.T and call it a night, but Fisk arrives and has him arrested. Peter is ticked off, but Fisk cautions him not to push his buttons or he'll find a means of shutting F.E.A.S.T down.

Spidey checks back with May as regular Peter, May notices a wound on his arm, Peter dismisses it as being caused by falling on debris. May wonders if she is attracting all of the chaos that has come to the city lately. She gives Peter a big pep talk about trust.

Norman finds Normie and they talk a little about Harry. Peter watches them.

Not surprisingly, Negative's arrest is just a ruse. He and Fisk work out a deal and Negative hands Fisk the tablet of death and entropy. The tablet, when combined with the tablet of life and destiny, will grant whoever holds it the power of resurrection. Fisk wants the lifeline tablet, Negative agrees, but Fisk reveals he's not the only one who has volunteered to appropriate it for him, and reveals a room full of underworld figures that include Silvermane, Crime Master, Hammerhead, and Madame Masque

My thoughts:

So the pay-off to Martin being free of sin is to give Peter a moral that might give his personal arc a pay-off later, "we are not defined by sin", a commentary perhaps on how Peter has risen 'above' the devil deal in recent years? Is this the opposite of what Harry had been trying to put in his head during Last Remains?

To add to the ongoing OMD teases, May talks about how attracting all the chaos to F.E.A.S.T, like everything is somehow 'her fault'.

Liz's depiction disappointed me here. Reduced to the emotional state she spent much of the 1990s in, looking vulnerable and helpless, I thought she could have given Harry a damning little speech about allowing himself to relapse, but then I'm reminded of how she was so convinced that things like Norman and the serum were the faults present with Harry and that she would always try to support him. It just sucks to see someone so shrewd and confident in other runs again reduced to a quivering wreck. Stand up a little for yourself woman, this man has had enough chances!

Aunt May discovring the wound on Peter's arm also reminds me of the first Spider-Man movie...that's how Norman deduced Peter's identity in that film!

The tablet thing doesn't interest me that much, I feel Fisk's had too many of these kind of plots for it to warrant any real impact. And Negative going back to status quo really feels like we learned nothing along with the way with him, other than "I'm not who you thought I was" at the start.

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