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Subj: Non-Stop #1
Posted: Sat Mar 13, 2021 at 12:09:09 am EST (Viewed 249 times)

What did everyone think of this new Spider title?

I picked it up because I liked the Kelly/Bachalo team on Uncanny X-Men back in the late 90s. They didn't disappoint.

Bachalo's art is uneven. It's tough to understand what is going on sometimes, but overall I like the action scenes. I truly dislike his Peter Parker. He looks like an ugly 12 year old. I DID really like Bachalo's stylized interpretation of the Spider-Sense. That was fun. I hope I don't get tired of it.

The writing is good. The action is truly non-stop, but that doesn't stop Kelly from dropping in flashbacks that give us personal development in Parker's "normal" relationships.

Here's where the spoilers come in.

Was that Helmut Zemo rocking his dad's mask, or Heinrich back from the dead?!?!? The way he was jumping around killing dudes makes me believe it is Helmut.

Anyway, overall, totally dug the issue. I'll re-read it tomorrow to get a better understanding of Bachalo's fight scenes.