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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#64: [SPOILER]'s 'Grave' Mistake?
Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2021 at 04:18:28 am EDT (Viewed 180 times)

Wow, the post-credits scene aside, not much happens in this one at all. Robbie and Tombstone team up to try and locate Randy and Janice, and get the information they require by torturing Mirage. Janice in the meantime irritates Crime Master and Madame Masque. Peter finds Fred has left him a note telling him he has an idea of where to find the next segment of the tablet of life.

Post-credits, Doc Ock arrives at a grave and opens it, finding it empty. He is furious, as he is trying to plug the long gaps in his memory. Suddenly, he's attacked by one of Kindred's centipedes and rendered unconscious. To be continued this July in "The Sinister War"

My thoughts:

Janice is very cute, I hope reform is on the cards for her someday. I’d love a mini-series focusing on her and Randy’s ongoing star-crossed quarrels and escapades.

That said, I really do feel like this issue treaded water slightly, and the big post-credits sequence aside, not much of note happened. The cover lied in that we didn’t get too big a battle, or an update on Gog with MJ, not even the lifeline tablet appeared. Very weird.

I guess we now have some idea of what Kindred’s centipedes can do to their victims, Carlie is undoubtedly now under Kindred’s control…perhaps she will turn out to be the ‘sixth’ member of Kindred and Otto’s Sinister Six? I had thought Mary Jane might become a ‘reluctant’ member due to her connections with Mysterio, and her own history taking on the Savage Six, but Carlie fits just as much and she already is a puppet of Kindred.

It’s also make for a great meta-commentary, in that Peter would have to face the very embodiment of the Brand New Day status quo in this battle