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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#65: Syndicates Are Doing It For Themselves!
Posted: Wed May 05, 2021 at 10:05:31 am EDT (Viewed 181 times)

Love conquers all, Janice and Randy are saved by Peter, their fathers, and the Syndicate, then decide to move in together, and Peter relies on Gog's keen sense of smell to trace Fred's whereabouts through his scent. Peter assembles some of the New Avengers to help him fetch Fred.

My thoughts

Looks like his costume is causing him even more grief. Madame Masque was able to track him via the Threats and Menaces app. I do question the internal plotting mechanics of allowing Peter to put up with these cons and allowing them to outweigh the pros. He really ought to know better.

Some minor advancements in the Kindred plot, or so you might think. Norman is given literally 'one more day' to sort out Harry and get him talking. Norman decides to visit an inmate stationed nearer Harry and gives him a proposition. Of course, we don't learn what it is, or who this person is either. More questions.

Also looks like we have a bit of an ensemble for the big King's Ransom finale next week to help Peter save Fred. Luke Cage, Hawkeye, Jessica Jones, Spider-Woman, Iron Fist, and Wolverine, wonder why he didn't just recruit the Order of the Web? I mean, Jessica Drew is RIGHT THERE

But the stars of the issue are the Syndicate...they really suit the side of the angels sometimes, and I especially liked Peter looking out for White Rabbit. Janet is very lovable right now, and it'd be sweet if she and Randy could make it to the alter..

With Randy moving out, and Fred on the run, it looks like the roomate era is coming to an end for Peter...will MJ welcome him home?