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Subj: Giant-Size Amazing Spider-Man: King's Ransom: OK, Boomer(ang!)
Posted: Thu May 13, 2021 at 04:44:21 am EDT (Viewed 146 times)

So it turns out Fred had been playing a long con the entire time to secure the lifeline tablet. Fisk had hired him before the Archivist had recruited him. Once Fred had the location of the fragments burned into his brain, Fisk sprung a trap and killed the Archivist, Fred was upset about that. The Archivist however revealed that he put an enchantment spell, meaning only a pure and true hero could secure the Fred earned Peter's trust and sprung a trap with the lethal foes once Peter passed the test and retrieved the final part of the tablet.

Peter thinks it isn't the end of the world, all Fisk wants to do is bring back his wife right? His friends, however, are clearly aware that Fisk has used the tablet to bring back hs son Richard Fisk, The Rose is back!

There's a guest turn from Felicia as she stole the fragments that Fisk had and delivered them to Peter and Fred, and she's the one who saves Peter from the tunnel.

Jameson also has pro-Spider Slayer drones that the public can control with their smartphones!

My thoughts

Spencer has plenty to play with here, as we get the first of what will be many shake-ups of our cushy status quos. Fred is back to square one, his entire reform routine part of a greater plan. Fortunately, Spencer doesn't forget the real winners are the fans you make along the way and at least reveals Fred still has some moral centre, regretting the Archivist's death, disagreeing with Fisk to kick off the whole thing, and leaving Peter notes that apologize for the deceptions, as well as a look of regret at the bar where everyone celebrates his name. A superior foe? No, a better person? Maybe some other day.

Mary Jane doesn't get much to do here other than baby sit Gog, and is barely illustrated. If Peter had not referenced her by name, you would not be able to tell it was her. Felicia gets some focus and it's great to see her come through for Peter twice over here, even calling him 'Peter' and not 'Spider'.

Not sure how I feel about Wilson rationalizing the decision to bring back Richard...especially since Vanessa killed him as payback for trying to kill Wilson in the first place.

The decision to switch back to the old suit leaves Jameson humiliated as a live stream is brought to an abrupt halt. I'm glad it had a short-term arc rather than be a long term thing, it served a purpose and is now kind of a lesson Peter has learned quickly from rather than drag such an inane decision it was to wear it in the first place longer than necessary.

Not much is known about next issue, but I imagine Peter's going to have to find a new place, since Luke did mention something about evicting him on behalf of the tenants..back to Mary Jane perhaps?