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Not sure if this is a big spoiler but Ben Reilly is taking over as Spider-Man starting with issue 75 and the title is going back to a 3 times a month schedule.

The new writers on the title are Kelly Thompson, Saladin Ahmed, Cody Ziglar, Patrick Gleason and Zeb Wells.

The speculation is that Peter Parker is "dead" at the end of Spencer's run.

Oh well... I enjoyed the original 90's story until it just started to feel like that it was never going to end due to editorial wanting to drag it out. Not that excited for the 3 times a month schedule again. I barely remember most of the stories during the initial Brand New Day and took me sometime to get into the Big Time era.

See how it goes.

The Disgruntled Greek

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Peter will be back in issue 900. Count on it.

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I saw this and literally groaned.

I am a HUGE Ben Reilly fan....... but he doesn’t need to “take over” the main title again! “Ben” there, done that! Let him be a supporting character in this and have him be the star of another title. (Like West Coast Spider-Man or Windy City Spider-Man) Replacing Peter again is simply too much! (I have to assume Non-Stop Spider-Man must be ending??) it also is a slap in the face to Reilly as he’s just a fill in for the character everyone will be clamoring to return and just makes him the face of what people will blame for not liking this part of the series...... it’s what they did in the original clone saga and they will do it again! Build the character up and make a book about him successful, make him the single adult Spider-Man book so Peter can be married and grow up, have kids etc (Aunt May doesn’t need to be dead for this, my kids have Grandparents that are alive)......don’t do this....... again.

Also, 3X a month again? A rotating team of writers? Zeb Wells is good, Kelly Thompson I hear is good, I’m willing to give Gleason and Ziglar a chance but....including Ahmed?......I personally do NOT care for his story telling abilities, his Black Bolt was “Bleh” and his Exiles was downright offensive to the fans of the prior series..... so this doesn’t fill me with confidence. I dropped Miles book because of him...... hate to drop this one now too.

I know Pete will be back in the webs and again I like Ben..... I just don’t think this direction is going to be successful.


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As perhaps the biggest Spider-Ben fan out there I have to say I am stoked for Ben becoming the Sensational Spider-Man again (although that off centre chest spider sucks). I think Peter being dead would just annoy everyone who has seen him die before and also annoy the same people (like me) who hated Superior just because Peter was wiped from existence to bring us Otto's wonderful version of Spidey.

If they are going to do these stories we need Peter to be indisposed but not dead, depowered, wiped etc. We KNOW Peter will be back. Peter will be Spider-Man and is the default. We already know Ben won't be able to succeed where Peter failed, Ben is the same as Peter - just more raw and interesting. I actually like his more up and down moods and even more rampant wit more but that's just me.

What worries me is they are selling this like the Iron Man 2020 event and that was not very good at all. Also it sets Ben up to fail. The creators are saying what sold them on the story was to see if Ben can step up and outdo Peter. Oh Hubris right? Just like what has been already done with Otto, and Ben isn't a hubristic character - apart from when he was recently badly characterised in the train wreck of the last Scarlet Spider series. I forsee Ben going down hard and potentially multiple Spider-men trying to take over for Peter before he eventually returs. And I DON'T want Ben dead again etc. I HATE that.

Give me:
1. Jimmmy 6 back.
2. Desiree Winthrop finding out Ben is alive. Desiree is funny enough, haughty enough, and cute enough to make a great cast member. She is also pretty smart if I remember right.
3. Closure on the Elizabeth Tyne storyline, maybe Ben finding out he is a dad. A great twist on the idea that Ben is a Peter without ties, basically upending that misunderstanding of the character.
4. Bring back someone with DK's powers, continue that story.
5. Team Lady Ock with Ben against Doc Ock (I want Ock back as Edgar Tolliver again and heroic but I doubt we will get that.) Tie Lady Ock into the DK storyline, make her motivations unclear - but hopefully don't pull a Boomerang.
6. Bring back baby May.
7. Get Ben to meet Aunt May.
8. Don't keep dumping on Kaine. Bring him into the story that doesn't make him a doormat.

A lot of things I'd like to see along the way with this one. I bet you good money I won't get any of it. \:\(

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The Silver Surfer

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You know going three times a month, issue #900 will be the first week of June 2022, also known as the 60th anniversary of Amazing Fantasy #15. Before anyone says anything, that Aug. in the corner is not the month it came out, it is the last month retailers could return it for a full refund.

I think that is why they went double time, to make the two dates to align.

Seems like the perfect time to have Peter Parker return to the role after a 25 issue absence. Maybe he will plan to retire, but be drawn back in. Or, possibly he is just really badly beaten and can't operate as the web-slinger for a bit.

I feel like if he were going to die, they would keep it a secret.

If they were going to get rid of him permanently, or even just had the plan and it was doomed to failure, it would not be Scarlet Spider. It would be Miles Morales.

Which I actually think may happen when issue 1,000 comes around. I mean, they will make that move in the MCU, and they will try to sync it up.

The real question for me is whether or not Ben Reilly survives his second tenure as Spider-Man.

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Correct. Little to no doubt about that

I read an IGN article that said Peter will be left depressed and living with the consequences of his failures as Spider-Man. That indicates very strongly to me that he loses someone..I don't think it's Mary Jane, I think it'll be Aunt May at last, tying up the plot threads of One More Day as Spencer has been promising that.

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I think they have basically exhausted Aunt May as a character. Plus if the deal is rescinded then it would lead to her death.

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Iron Man Unit 007


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Agreed, if the deal were rescinded or neutralized then she should be dead.

Also yes they have done practically everything with her.

Peter needs to grow up.

Also if they tried to kill off MJ again like they did once before the fans will erupt

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The Silver Surfer

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    Also yes they have done practically everything with her.

Including kill her.

    Peter needs to grow up.

For all the well deserved flack that OMD gets, what is often forgotten is how hard it backslid Peter's character with the decision.

In Amazing Spider-Man #400 Peter Parker very much handled May's death like an adult. He was devastated, as one would expect, but he understood it was a part of life.

He handled it more level headed in #196 when he was told she was dead as well.

He was grief stricken, which he logically should be after all, May was for intents and purposes his mother, but in both cases he was not frantic and threatening people.

He already did grow up, and had been for decades, they just undid it for OMD, and kept his personality like that for... WAY too many issues.

    Also if they tried to kill off MJ again like they did once before the fans will erupt

Yes, they would. However, who can predict modern day Marvel's thought processes. They often seem to be stumbling in the dark.

Still, I do remain a mix of hopeful and skeptical... isn't that being a comic book reader to a tee?

Though, as stated in an earlier post, I believe the plan is to Male miles thee only Spider-Man in #1000. So, if the marriage is restored, the long term goal is to give Peter a happy ending, and kill off Ben to eliminate him from having claim to the title.

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Grey Gargoyle

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They fundamentally dont understand Ben's character. Thats what worries me.

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No way am I paying more a month to read new Spider-Man comics than it would cost me to sign up for a month of some streaming service. I still read these boards and try to follow what's going on but otherwise these comics are dead to me. There is better and cheaper entertainment out there.

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No wonder i gave up on Marvel

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Sadly i am old enough to have been around in the Silver age of Marvel comics and religiously purchased 8-10 titles every month until the Marvel Reborn saga around 1996.

When you go back to the comics from the 60's through to the mid 80's and compare it to the dross we have now it makes you want to weep.

It is funny how the writers and creators were able to make superb comics month on month for 25 years without having to resort to character destruction or cheap gimmicks like characters being killed.

Marvel lost it's way during the late 90's and has never recovered. What it needs is a complete revamp and to get writers and artists who have a love of the classic silver age where characters like Spider man, Thor, Iron Man and so on were written with a consistency and a brilliance that has long been forgotten

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