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Subj: With the new Writer(s) what would you like to see?
Posted: Thu Jul 01, 2021 at 07:05:21 pm EDT (Viewed 147 times)

Now that we know the series is going back to 3X a month and it appears Ben Reilly will be headlining while Peter is incapacitated......... given those parameters what would you like to see?

My thoughts:

1) Mary Jane becoming the Marvel version of DC’s Barbara Gordon. I would like her helping Ben out along the way.

2) Aunt May knowing Pete is Spider-Man and getting to meet Ben and develop a relationship with him.

3) OMD gone! And the marriage restored

4) JJJ still an active main supporting cast member. I’d like him to be very supportive of Pete as Spider-Man but decides that Ben is a Spider-Menace!

5) Ben to check in on his old friends and supporting cast, see what’s happening at the Daily Grind

6) Kaine to be a semi regular supporting cast member as Scarlet Spider and someone to lean on and test Ben

7) Pete and MJ are still in the book. No reason they can’t share the book with Ben as Spidey.

8) Keep the classic Spider-man rogues for Ben to fight. We don’t need to revert to the clone saga villains just because it’s Ben.

9) Ben as a freelance photographer, down on his luck, (maybe even random jobs like fast food or pizza delivery) in a rundown apartment. Peter has taken on the science route, let Ben have his own shtick while keeping it in line with this still being a “Peter Clone”

10) New supporting cast members! Give Ben people to care about in his apartment building, new guy friends to hit the bars with and look for girls, kids in a rough neighborhood that he can mentor and pull them out of bad situations, girls he can fumble around because he’s awkward around them.

These are just some of the thoughts running through my brain. Any others anyone can think of? Share your hopes and dreams.

- PK