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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#70: We'll Always Have Real Estate
Posted: Wed Jul 07, 2021 at 01:05:47 pm EDT (Viewed 164 times)

Lizard and Curt are split in two by Octavius, Peter tries to track down Ock and his crew but has no luck. He suspects Kindred's hand in this

Mary Jane continues her investigation into Carlie's disappearance. She talks to Jarvis at Avengers Mansion as well as Carlie's friends and landlord, so far she's found no trace of her.

Carlie in the meantime is having a chat with BND era Harry, he says he went to Europe to investigate some transactions coming from dormant Oscorp accounts, Harry's investigation leads him to one of his dad's 'real estate holdings with a troubled history all it's own', and it looks very much like the building Sarah and Gabe from Sins Past were raised in!

Arriving there, Harry is captured by Kindred. He's been a prisoner for months.

The body Carlie identified in the morgue was Harry who is the person she's talking to right now? She decides to keep this to herself for now

Boomerang returns as Overdrive recruits him and his fellow Lethal Foes at the Bar with no name

All of the factions of Spencer's run are being steadily assembled, the time is approaching for a more 'sinister' truth to be revealed

Kindred unveils the sixth member of Ock's team: Mysterio

My thoughts

Sorry for the lag in reviewing the books folks, got swept up in personal projects, I'm OK though.

Much more eventful issue, full of vague promises, but they themselves show a lot of promise. We have callbacks to so many of Spencer's ongoing plot threads, including the all important first one to pencil in a Lizard free of restraint.

Weird how we have five teams of six members, we really needed a sixth team in there, the bar with no name will have more than enough to suffice for a dozen more if they wanted. Go for broke and sell twelve sets of villains on toyshelves.

Great to see the Lookouts referenced, that was a plot point that Spencer sadly dropped the ball on as it would have given fans of MJ loads of insight into she handles her days looking out for Peter and worrying about it, but it's still nice to know it's been in place for her.

I'm 100%, based off the last story arc, that Kindred's serum from The Chameleon is to maintain the appearances of BND Era Harry and that he is a Chameleon sleeper agent. I also suspect the building in paris was a Finisher school for Chameleon agents and that Gwen's 'children' were such agents themselves.