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Here's how Free Comic Book Day panned out for the all new Spider-Man

At some as-yet unspecified point, Ben returns to Earth and is recruited by the Beyond Corporation, taking on the mantle of Spider-Man for a second time. He takes a newly modified costume designed by Beyond into the field when Bushwacker seizes control of a building in Dallas, Texas. Ben arrives to stop him, Bushwacker takes note of the new costume and asks when heroes like Ben ever have time to sew, before training his weapon on his hostages. Ben shields them from a blast with his own body, his costume is made of impact-thickening foam polymers that absorb the energy burst. Bushwacker's arms morph into larger cannons but Ben plugs them with a fist, and the blasts backfire on Bushwacker, severely crippling his arms and causing damage to the building. Ben is horrified and calls in the Beyond corporation, who assure him they will take care of the clean up operation, providing counselling for the hostages as well as a contractor to repair the building.

Ben is impressed with the Beyond corp's services as well as the effectiveness of the suit and agrees to join them. Beyond corp tell him to get rid of his Scarlet Spider outfit, comparing it to something a fourteen year old would wear at a birthday party. Ben is concerned he'll be mistaken for the real Spider-Man, Beyond corp tell him that, to them, he is the real deal

My thoughts

Overall, it's not too shabby. Ben certainly feels a bit more down to earth again, his quips are OK but Bushwacker's sewing comment is more of a highlight than anything he says. It crams a lot in to some short pages, the Venom story is actually longer than this. There's little things that show Ben has humane touches due to how concerned he is about the collateral damage and what he does to Bushwacker, and the Beyond corp do at least address the fate of the Scarlet Spider outfit, so it's not a case of this Ben being from another reality or whatnot.

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I'm cautiously optimistic that we will see the Ben we last saw in PP75 alive and well and doing his thing again.
By the time Ben originally died he had actually become a damn convincing Spider-Man but Marvel blinked.

Oh well.

I will enjoy Ben being around for a few months.

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