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...Um, wow...this is one big retcon

This is Norman Osborn's One More Day, and reveals that the reason for much of his early success as a businessman at the expense of Mendel Stromm as well as his struggles with mental health was due to selling out Harry's soul to Mephisto. Harry's entire life has been defined by this deal, his drug addiction, his turn to the Goblin and ultimate death, everything. Mephisto also spent several vacations with Norman when Harry was his kid, but gradually Norman lost his memory of these occasions the worse his son got.

Norman is reminded of this by A computerized projection of Harry in the house stationed in Europe, which contains various cloning tanks. Harry reveals he uploaded both his and Norman's brain waves to this computer just so he could gloat from beyond the grave (see the 90s one-shot "Legacy of Evil")

Oh, it also transpires Carlie's morgue has been inside of Kindred's catacombs this entire time, meaning she's always been a pawn in the devil's greatest bargain

The climax to the issue sees Kindred reveal to Mary Jane that he is not who he claims he is and she must now know the truth. He unmasks. MJ is shocked

My thoughts:

Alternate hot take here....but what if this turns out to be a Teresa Parker situation with Kindred's identity?

They remind the reader of his visit to The Chameleon a few issues ago...remember, he asked for a formula to stabilize his changing appearance. He's showing MJ a different face just as he showed Peter and Beck Harry's face. At this point, I really think they're not going to commit to Kindred having a 'true identity', he's just messing with everyone now to cause drama and the real draw is whatever the point of his mission is. Kindred could be Pre-OMD versions of Harry, Peter, MJ, Aunt May, even one of the souls of their 'dead' kids like Annie or Mayday. And I don't think it matters at this point. Just like it didn't matter with Teresa

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