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-Gwen and Norman were never a couple
-Mysterio implanted false memories into Mary Jane during her therapy sessions with him
-Harry never returned from the dead. And his Brand New Day era clone confesses to Carlie that he knew all along
-Norman's mind was also tampered with by Mysterio to make him believe his son had survived
-Several clones of Sarah and Gabriel were created. Most of them had degeneration issues and died
-Sarah morphs back into Harry, revealing Sarah and Gabe are nothing more now than husks for him to take over
-Kindred still has supernatural abilities
-Peter is transported to paris and beaten up by another Kindred
-BND Harry is seen walking through Kindred's catacombs alone, Carlie isn't with him

The epilogue cuts back to Mephisto and Doctor Strange in Las Vegas, Mephisto tells Strange to 'stay away from the slots' (OOOOOOHHH), and then offers him another wager: The virtue of a hero for the corruption of a soul.


Trying to sort all this out, here's some thoughts

Given A.I Harry would likely be wired into the internet, he probably figured out Norman was alive by tracking down assets and other projects that involved dealings with him during his European exile. Hell, AI Harry is based in Europe also, or maybe having Norman's brain waves as well as Harrys' somehow gave him that sort of second sight

So with Harry possessing Sarah...does that now mean the scene in "Sins Remembered" where Sarah kissed Peter, was Harry making out with him?

And at least with Mary Jane, you can now write off any time she's acted out-of-character by saying it's because of 'bad therapy' with Mysterio. Totally ruins their friendship of course and makes Mysterio a serial mind-rapist, but it's one out to consider

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