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If Peter HAD not been snapped...would Tony have helped with the time heist?

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I personally viewed looking at the picture of Peter as more of a visual stand-in for the guilt of not acting, instead of the actual catalyst to action.

And if nothing else, Peter Parker may have said to him that he needs to throw some responsibility on top of his mental power.

The real question is, if Peter had not been snapped, would he have still had his daughter?

Their is a fair point to be made that he jumped into his personal life more because of his failure to stop Thanos, and the loss of Peter.

If Peter had not snapped, he may have had more resolve with Spider-Man's character inaccurate adoration of Stark to continue on as Iron Man, and use his tech more outward to help people cope.

Or not, I don't know.

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If Spider-Man wasn't in the MCU, I am sure they would have found other motivations for Iron Man.

It works with how they did it but I don't think it's truly essential.
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