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Subj: Amazing Spider-Man#80.BEY: Beyond An Old Soul
Posted: Wed Dec 08, 2021 at 07:34:15 am EST (Viewed 176 times)

Otto and May team up and track down the U-Foes. There's an explanation as to how they survived their encounter with the Hulk, Vapor is impressed by May's love for Peter and gives her some information. Otto goes into business for himself and almost kills people after he discovers something, which angers May and she ditches him, Otto makes sure Peter's doctors get the data they need to adjust their treatment plans, and they are able to resuscitate Peter. Turns out what Otto discovered was that which remains of Parker Industries is owned by Beyond and makes plans to show them all, and their Spider-Man, who is truly superior

My thoughts:

Hey, I'm back, just when Beyond finally starts doing some interesting things.

I loved May in this issue, while the story is a bit wordy and throwing as much science riddled technobabble at the reader, May has the tenacity and bite of the JMS days, she will assume you're on the level until you prove you're not, and she will let you know. Otto is resigned to his nature and is open to May about it, knowing it will forever fracture their relationship. Vapor of the U-Foes is incredibly likeable here also, putting up a strong front and excusing what they did to Peter as 'bad guy behaviour', but then gradually is moved by May's concerns for Peter. I'd like to see more Vapour and May interaction someday.

Overall, not quite filler, it sets up the next major shift in the Beyond plotline, nips any real May and Otto relations in the bud, and puts Peter on the long and winding road to recovery.