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Subj: My idea for a 4th Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire film
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I've been thinking lately about the two previous Spider franchises and how neither of them really got a proper send-off story, as the last film was not well-received. Anyway, between some of the concepts I've heard about and some of my own ideas, here's my concept for a "Spider-Man 4":

It's been about five years since the events of the last film. Peter and MJ are slowly rebuilding their relationship. Peter is still helping the people of NY as Spider-Man. The first action sequence of the film has a costumed villain called Mysterio (played by Bruce Campbell) using illusions and special effects to rob a bank. Spidey intervenes, and though Mysterio tries to use the same trickery on him, his spider sense lets him see through the illusions and capture Mysterio.

Spidey leads the webbed up Mysterio (still ranting and raving that he'll be back) to the police outside, most of whom are rather hostile to Spidey for getting involved and showing them up. After they go, however, one cop, Officer Davis, apologizes for the others. Spidey brushes it off, telling him he doesn't do it for credit. Davis asks what he does it for, then. Spidey tells him that, years ago, someone he loved taught him that with great power comes great responsibility. Davis likes that, and asks for a photo for his son, which Spidey obliges.

Later, Peter strolls into the Daily Bugle building with some Spider-Man photos. He's very pleased how they turned out and assumes they'll sell well, but, although Jameson buys them, Peter is surprised to see Jameson acting even grumpier than usual, and ranting about Spider-Man a bit more than he normally does. As Peter leaves, he's stunned to see Hoffman and Betty sadly packing up their things. Robbie takes Peter aside and explains that the newspaper business is dying and it's finally starting to catch up to the Bugle. They had no choice but to lay several people off. Robbie advises Peter that they may not be able to pay him as much as they usually do anymore, and suggest perhaps looking for something a bit more stable.

That evening, Peter and MJ visit Aunt May for dinner. May says she's been volunteering lately at the local F.E.A.S.T. shelter.  They discuss Uncle Ben and Peter talks about everything Ben taught him and trying to live up to it. At end of the evening, Peter notices that MJ never once touched her glass of wine. MJ confirms his suspicions and tells him she's pregnant.

Motivated now more than ever to find a stable job, Peter applies for a job assisting Dr. Curt Connors. Connors is skeptical, since Peter has been unreliable in the past, but Peter explains that he's become more responsible. Eventually, Gwen Stacy puts in a good word for him, and Connors agrees.

Peter's new job gets off to a good start, and Connors tells him about a project the university is working on: A new device called the neogenic recombinator has the potential to graft DNA from one species onto another. Connors explains that the science is based on experiments done a few years ago to create genetically modified "super spiders". "Yeah," says Peter with a smirk, "I know about those experiments."

There are many applications for this new project, such as breeding fruits and vegetables, but Connors is particularly interested in the potential of using a reptile's ability to regenerate severed limbs to help people who've lost an arm or leg. Connors confides to Peter that he had once hoped to be a surgeon before losing his arm in an accident years ago.

The day of the experiment, Peter is pleased to learn that several students from is old high school are there to watch. Peter is impressed by one boy named Miles Morales, who asks several intelligent questions. The experiment, using the recombinator to graft reptile DNA on mice goes well, at first, but something goes wrong and the device starts to overload, and release a dangerous amount of energy. Connors, Gwen, and the other scientists struggle to get the machine under control, while the teachers help the students evacuate. Peter, having slipped away to change into Spider-Man, helps to move people pinned by falling debris. It becomes clear that the recombinator is going to explode. Connors tells Gwen and the other scientists to run, while he will try and stabilize the device to buy them some time. While they reluctantly leave, Spidey notices an injured Miles. As he's about to help him up, Connors rushes out of the control room, telling them to take cover. Spidey shields Miles with his body, as the recombinator releases a huge amount of energy. Some of the energy hits Connors, just after having passed through one of the lizard test subjects, and some of it hits Miles, after having passed through Spidey. After a few moment, the three of them get to their feet, still alive, but each feeling strange.

Peter feels weaker and finds he needs his glasses again. He also notices he doesn't produce webbing anymore and doesn't stick to things. Miles, meanwhile, notices he's starting to feel the same powers.

Peter is worried about his powers not working. He explains to MJ that his powers had failed before, but this feels different. He's certain it had to do with the accident and is concerned that his powers may not come back. MJ suggests, even if they don't, they can still have a life together, but Peter is worried about not being able to live up to his responsibilities.

That night, the two of them go out to dinner, and Peter sees someone being attacked by two muggers in the alley. He tries to intervene, but is no match for them and ends up getting beaten up. Later, Officer Davis takes his statement and tells him that playing hero is a dangerous game. MJ is angry that Peter risked himself like that. She reminds him that he has other responsibilities now.

That night, Miles starts experimenting with his new powers, crawling up walls, jumping from rooftops, and swinging from webs, just as Peter did in the first movie. Declaring himself "the new Spider-Man", he hastily puts together a simple costume and swings out into the night.

The next day, Peter is rushing to his job, where he bumps into Betty, who was able to get a job as a receptionist at the University. Peter apologizes to Connors for being late, but, to his surprise, Connors tells him not to worry. Connors shows Peter that his arm is growing back. He says the recombinator was a success. Peter is a bit suspicious.

Later, at the Bugle, Jameson reprimands Peter for not having any pictures of Spider-Man. Peter is confused. Didn't he just give them some pictures? Not that Spider-Man, Jameson says. The new Spider-Man. Jameson shows him pictures of a Spider-Man is a slightly different costume, swinging from rooftops. Peter wonders how that's possible, until he remembers Miles and the accident.

At his home, Connors' wife notices that Connors is acting strangely, eating leaves off her potted plants, and eventually their son's pet hamster. Connors himself notices that something in him is changing and hides away in his office.

Dressed as Spider-Man, Peter shows up at Miles' apartment, just as he's slipping out. Spidey tells Miles he knows what happened and offers to help change him back. Miles, however, is excited by his new powers and does not want to change back. Spidey tries to lecture him about using his powers responsibly, but Miles brushes him off and webs away, leaving Peter with no way to follow him.

Later, Miles discovers a group of robbers engaged in a shoot out with the police. Miles webs the criminals up, but in the process, one officer is wounded by a stray bullet. Miles is horrified to discover that it's Officer Davis, his father.

Connors' wife knocks on his office door when she hears strange noises coming from inside. When he doesn't answer, she opens the door and screams at the strange creature she sees. The creature smashes through a window and runs off.

Miles and his mother rush to the hospital where they are relieved to learn that Davis' injuries are minor and he'll be able to return to duty soon. Still feeling guilty, Miles says the new Spider-Man was reckless and shouldn't have gotten involved. Davis, perhaps suspecting the truth, is more understanding, saying the new Spider-Man needs to learn from his mistakes, and recalls what the original Spider-Man had told him about responsibility.

Peter arrives at the hospital, having learned about Davis and figuring Miles would be here. He tries to offer some support, but Miles still feels guilty, reciting the same words his father had, "with great power..."

"...comes great responsibility," Peter instinctively finishes.

Miles looks at him, suddenly figuring out the truth. Peter confesses that his powers were transferred into Miles during the accident. Miles decides he's not ready for this kind of power or responsibility and wants to be changed back. Peter promises to help him.

Moments later, however, they see a news report on TV about a large reptilian creature running wild in Manhattan. Peter deduces that it's Dr. Connors. Miles is hesitant but they both agree they have to do something.

Miles carries Peter to the site of the attack, and tries to stop Lizard Connors, with Peter giving advice, but the creature is too strong, even for Miles, and escapes.

Peter and Miles retreat to the university where they encounter MJ. Peter concludes that one Spider-Man is no match for the Lizard but two might be able to stop him. Peter notes that some of the super spiders, like the one that bit him, are stored on campus. If Peter lets one of them bite him, his powers might be restored. MJ, not surprisingly, is very upset about Peter taking this risk. There's no telling what this spider bite will do to him. But Peter feels he has no choice.

Realizing they will need help, they bring in Betty and Gwen, telling them everything (including Peter's secret). The five of them quickly form a plan: While Peter and Miles capture the Lizard, MJ, Betty, and Gwen will use the design specs from the recombinator to build a chamber that reverses the effects, purging human subjects of any outside DNA. Gwen notes two caveats, however. 1) The super spiders were found to have a very short lifespan. Only one is left and likely will not last more than a few hours, so they'll only get one chance, and 2) the chamber will surely overload, just as the recombinator did, so they'll only have one chance to use it to change Connors and Miles back.

Peter holds out his hand and lets the spider bite him. MJ insists that he get some rest, while he starts to feel the effects. While he rests and Miles tends to him, the girls get to work on building the chamber. Gwen and Betty note how hard this must be for MJ. She admits she sometimes thinks of Aunt May losing her husband and Peter losing a father figure and her worst fear is that she and their child will suffer the same fate. Betty and Gwen assure her that she's every bit as brave as Spider-Man.

A few hours later, Peter emerges with his spider powers fully restored. Suiting up, Spidey and Miles head out to find the Lizard. Eventually they find it attacking a group of people, and after a harrowing chase and fight through a construction site, they managed to knock out the Lizard and web him up.

The two of them carry the Lizard back to the university and place him in the chamber, when suddenly the Lizard wakes up and attacks them, throwing Miles out of the chamber, against and wall and knocking him out.

Using all of his strength to hold the Lizard in place, and seeing that Miles is unconscious, Peter hears his uncles words echo through his head one more time and realizes what he has to do. He tells MJ, Betty, and Gwen to turn on the machine. Painful pulses of energy pass through Peter and Connors' bodies, until there's a bright flash of light and the machine is burned out.

While Betty and Gwen tend to Miles, MJ rushes in to see Connors, unconscious, but changing back, and Peter laying there. Peter tries to stick his hand to the wall, but is saddened to see that it doesn't work. His powers are gone for good. She hands him his glasses and hugs him, whispering that she loves him.

"Who am I?" Peter says in a voiceover. "You sure you wanna know? I'm...I'm just Peter Parker...but maybe that's enough."

We see a montage of Peter, Betty, and Gwen helping a recovered Dr. Connors in his class and with his research.

"My Uncle Ben taught me about responsibility, but maybe there's more than one way to live up to that responsibility. It could mean helping someone..."

We see Peter, MJ, and Aunt May volunteering at the F.E.A.S.T. shelter, with Hoffman managing the paper work.

"...maybe it means teaching someone and passing on the things you've learned..."

We see Peter teaching Miles how to shoot a web.

"...or just being there for the people you love, when it matters most."

We see MJ walking down the aisle at her and Peter's wedding. Gwen, Betty, and MJ's friend Louise (from Spider-Man 2) are bridesmaids. Miles is the best man. In the audience, we see Aunt May, Robbie, Jameson and his wife, Hoffman, Officer Davis and his wife, Mr. Ditkovich, and Ursula, and Dr. Connors and his family. Jameson whispers a sarcastic remark about whether on the bride will go through with it this time, earning him a swat from his wife.

Everyone mingles at the reception. Mr, Ditkovich gives Peter and MJ a wedding gift... of Peter's deposit back. Gwen reveals she is now dating MJ's ex, John Jameson, much to their surprise. Connors quietly thanks Peter for all he did to cure him, and acknowledges that Peter paid a high price for it. With a knowing smile, he suggests Peter may have had a good excuse for missing all those classes, after all. Stepping aside for a moment, MJ and Peter discuss baby names. If it's a boy, Peter suggests Ben.. or maybe Harry, both of which MJ likes.

Suddenly, several emergency vehicles speed by. For a moment, out of habit, Peter is about to go, before he stops himself. He and Miles turn to each other and Peter gives Miles an approving nod. He's ready.

"The truth is, if being Spider-Man means having the power to make a difference, then anyone can be Spider-Man."

Moments later, the crowd gasps as the new Spider-Man zips over the reception (causing Jameson to spill his drink all over himself). Miles swings from one building to another, just as Peter did in the first two films, cheering as his does so.

Back at the reception, with MJ's hand in his, Peter watches Miles swing away like a proud older brother, with a wistful smile on his face.

"Go get 'em, Spider-Man", he whispers.