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Subj: The Amazing Spider-Man #88 Preview (Queen Goblin)
Posted: Mon Jan 31, 2022 at 11:21:25 am EST (Viewed 228 times)

It looks like the Queen Goblin is Dr. Kafka, but not by choice. Beyond had inserted the "sins" of Norman Osborn into her, a byproduct of the Sin Eater, and is transforming her and probably giving her goblin serum powers, based on how Sin Eater's powers worked, like taking Juggernaut's powers along with his sins for example. I do wonder if Queen Goblin will be like the Green Goblin in a new host when it comes to memories, like seeing Spider-Man as an old enemy and Harry as her "son". Like everything the Green Goblin has done the Queen Goblin will remember doing, like killing Gwen Stacy.