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Author Topic: The Other Brother (Ben Reilly: Spider-Man#3)

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After almost three decades, one of the last remaining oversights from the 1990s Clone Saga has made his comeback.

For the last two issues of this mini-saga, set years before the events of Beyond, Ben Reilly has been trying to find his place in society again, but has been cornered at every turn by faces and foes from his past, and in this issue we finally unmask the stalker/antagonist, the one clone nobody ever acknowledges...

Introduced in the Clone Saga as another red herring, Spidercide began life as an amnesiac Peter Parker who became more unstable as the story progressed, eventually being revealed to be a shapeshifting super weapon that could take the Spiders to their limit. Spidercide ultimately took on the role of Miles Warren's enforcer during the Maximum Clonage storyline, where he was apparently killed after falling from the roof of the Daily Bugle. Those taking his body into custody said he looked pretty dead, but with his kind of body, one could never be for sure

Well, now we can be very sure. While this is not a contemporary book, Spidercide's return opens up potential possibilities, will he meet a final end by the end of this series, or will he put in a position that guarantees him a longer shelf life to come?

What do you make of this latest clone comeback?


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