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Author Topic: New Details about Steve Ditko: From J. Ballman's "Steve Ditko in the 1960s".

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So in 2020, J. Ballmann published "Steve Ditko in the 1960s" which is an anthology of 1960s fanzine articles that includes interviews, letters, and articles, and artwork that Ditko shared with fanzines in that time, as well as fanzine coverage of Ditko and Spider-Man.
This book got some notice but to my knowledge hasn't been covered in Spider-Man fansites or anywhere, which is shocking because it has a host of new information and details about Ditko that hadn't been covered elsewhere. A lot of the stuff here that's new complicates this idea we have about Ditko and Spider-Man. When I say complicate I don't mean that there are new earthshaking revelations but small details here and there that complicate the stuff we have taken for granted about Sturdy Steve and his most famous creation.

In terms of major revelations there are two. One is the original (and hilarious) source of the Green Goblin rumor i.e. that there was some debate between Lee and Ditko about who Green Goblin should be. It turns out there's truth to this rumor but not in a way anyone anticipated, certainly not me. There's also for the first time, real insight into Ditko's personal life and especially his romantic life, that again was rumored before but now it's confirmed and in engagement with other stuff also complicates our understanding.

Read it and check it out.
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