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Subj: Question for RC
Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 at 11:26:12 am EST
Reply Subj: Whatever happened to Lex's bodygaurds, Hope and Mercy? (nt)
Posted: Sat Jan 27, 2007 at 12:19:26 pm EST

Hello RC,

Since you're quite the Superman fan, I have questions for you:

How "powerful" do you think Superman should really be? Would it be similar to the "pre-crisis" Superman that can spin a planet on his fingertip type of strong?

For all of Superman's superfeats, here's my personal perspective:
1. A Superman who can never ever lose to Hulk in a pure strength contest no matter how mad Hulk can get to the point of Hulk having a heart attack from rage already.
2. A Superman who only has these three weaknesses: Kryptonite, No Yellow Sun (or Red Sun type of radiation), and Magic.
3. As a Thorfan, I never see Thor winning against an out for blood super blitzing Superman amidst my perspective of Superman having weakness to magic.

Original Superman thoughts:

Kryptonite is simple... just too many stories of any tom, dick, and harry lugging one around to make Supes go all faint in the corny issues.

Red Sun - well, take away his powers and well, that's it.

Magic -> Ah... this is where there's a big difference. My version is that Mjolnir should extremely hurt Superman if Thor hurls it at him at full strength with Superman down for the count or dead. My view is that a magic sword can cut Superman just as a normal sword can cut through a normal human. Superman getting bitten by dracula also falls in this category of weakness to magic/supernatural.

Pure power -> ah.. now this.. where the Hulk is a prime example of extreme strength -> I still honestly believe that Superman should outmuscle Hulk and Thor at the same time. Superman is just that strong.

Byrne Superman thoughts:

This is where the pure power is questionable -> Seems Supes is kinda like in the "class 100" level as Thor belongs to. I think this was made to make Superman "interesting" since he was just so unbeatable before sans the three weaknesses which is quite corny like yellow was to Green Lantern.

Current Superman:

Now this is where my question is. Which Superman is this now? From Byrne going back to the original unbeatable Superman but can resist Kryptonite (up up and away), has a battery charge before running out when subjected to Red Sun radiation (infinite crisis), and resists/laughs off magic (like SBP did against Black Adam)?

Is this really Superman now? If so, JLA/Avengers shouldn't have lasted more than a single panel because Superman should have outpunched/outsped/outlasted anything out there. Mjolnir truly would have been cut in half with his fart.

Don't get me wrong. I like Superman too though I just like Marvel's universe better than DC's in general. Only DC I like are mostly from the Superfriends related ones (Supes, Bats, WW, GL, Flash). I'm just sad that Thor is still "dead" back in Marvel. I hope he returns really fresh from being King Thor who has the power to destroy a planet accidentally by touching it with his finger then go to more interesting levels in the next issues.

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