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Posted: Fri Nov 09, 2007 at 09:31:59 am CST
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Posted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 at 08:24:08 am CST


-catchy cover
-most of the panels were too sketchy-style to enjoy the action packed battles issue
-Vulcan, Son of Fire's last appearance?
- "...before it disembowels me!" \:\)
-who are Hadrad and Jaret?
-Karsta running seemed sincere which muddied the predictability of her change of heart
-arificial Kryptonite, RedSun explosives, Brain Ripper... Supergirl echoed my thoughts at this proliferation of defenses. Lex is getting more and more options to someday gets rid of Superman. Other known options seen issue: Phantom Zone, Black Mercy, surviving Kryptonians, Alamak, atomic cauldron, presumably that type of metal used to contain Alamak, etc

-WOW that is some... uh, super fancy trick shootin' to etch out that warning
-Lois looks like an anorexic Olive Oyl having a BAD hair day

-how many Fortresses are there?
-that probably a private Lana Lang moment?

-those Kryptonians were a nasty people
-was Superman whistling unseen during his earlier fight to send an ultrasonic signal?
-four durable capes
-its always great to see Batman guest star though some more cosmic help mightve been more welcome. This is one of the few times don't like seeing JLABatman because why wouldnt BatverseBatman borrow that powersuit to take on his powerful Rogues?
-don't worry, Krypto won't bite

-is the Duplorian Hawk new?
-Kandor explosion was neat effect
-Alamak is going to get some CBMB props

-"Sorry I'm late" was cliche but definitely smileworthy \:\)
-PLAAM was just cliche
-nitpicks about wrapup: PowerGirl should've had the dotted whisper lines used in the prologue when she questioned Superman about trusting Karsta and Batman healed too fast.
-ahhh, Kandor...

Hire Herc:

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[EDIT: Thanks Niddle&Smithville Thunderbolt so far. Just saw this HUGE SPOILER post too: ]