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Subj: Action 859: Superific... [SPOILERS]
Posted: Fri Nov 23, 2007 at 11:14:34 am EST
Reply Subj: Re: Personally, I'm rooting for Superman Prime.
Posted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 at 08:37:43 pm EST


Superific art. And story. And uniforms (especially the 3 protagonists). And Dawnstar *love* (&wing details). And new(?) future setting. And Batman element. And Justice League element. And LSH mythos elements. And splash pages. And armbands. And teacher (&teachings). And chain of events logic. And part 2 of arc of unknown length (ATM dont care how long this enjoyable entertaining storyline lasts). And variant cover ( And did I mention the story and art?!


How many of the JL are previously established DC characters?

Were there other LSH easter eggs possibly missed?

What Jay asked(especially #2):
1/ is the first image the cover and is the shrouded image of Superman meant to be with the Legion team or just an allusion to the story being about him?
2/ how on Earth did they get away with naming a character Spider-Girl?!?!?!

What Nav asked(paraphrased):
Is there likely a Kingdom Come connectio?

Why wouldn't Invisible Kid be dealt with a little more respectfully being of Earth?

Should there, logically, have been more decay in the Batcave?

Isn't it unlikely, Batarangs are pure metal (at least anti-magnetic)?

Does Camp 6736 implies a cosmic reset button must be rehit?

Even without answers, this issue was a superific fun read, eh?

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