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Subj: Well, if there was ever a reason why I'm glad Superman Returns 'flopped'...
Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 at 05:11:08 am EDT (Viewed 364 times)

Is that it effectively killed Mark Millar's proposal for a Reboot Trilogy.

The story is here.

I remember when he was first trying to drum up support for it after word came out that Bryan Singer was not really involved with WB on a new Superman film... and I didn't like his ideas then and I'm sure as heck happy that WB/DC decided to pass on his and Matthew Vaughn's 'vision' now.

I do disagree with the article's writer on the fact that Superman won't be seen on the screen again. He's too much of a cultural icon to be ignored (and there's that pesky judge ruling on having a Superman film in development by 2011 or the Creator's Estates can sue for damages) and if Batman can be resurrected after the god-awful Batman and Robin (which was much more harmful overall to the Batman film legacy than Superman Returns could ever be) so can Superman.

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